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  1. cathyfitz and I have started this thread because of problems we have each recently experienced with HH. We have noted postings throughout this site and others from people who have also experienced problems with HH. Please post your problems indicating the category(s) below, including HH’s response (if any), and pictures if available. We believe that in numbers there is strength. If discernible patterns can be documented, we may be in a better position to do something about them.

    For example, some people have complained about:

    1. Defects in bags:

    a) Non-functioning or improperly functioning magnetic clasps.
    b) Torn lining.
    c) Flaking/disintegrating/cracking leather or patent leather.
    d) Inconsistencies in leather throughout a bag.
    e) Disintegrating bags.
    f) Other.

    2. Receipt of items which are the wrong color.

    3. Unfulfilled promises by HH of a coin purse for completion of survey.

    4. Customer service problems. Please specify.

    a) No response by customer service to telephone calls or emails. (Even if customer service finally responded, if it has taken numerous calls and emails or an extended time to get a response, please post).

    b) HH’s refusal to exchange or accept returns of defective bags, or to repair the problem.

    c) Inconsistent instructions from different customer service reps. For example, agreement to accept returns - - then, upon receiving the return, refusal to accept the return.

    d) Other.

    5. Other problems.
  2. My defect is a torn lining.

    I purchased a Blush Havana from the Labor Day Sale. After ClairZk posted her lining problems, I briefly inspected mine and found no problems. I packed the bag and took it with me as my only bag for a week-long trip. After unpacking the bag, and beginning to place items in the three alleged PDA/mobile pockets, I discovered the lining was tearing where the largest pocket was stitched to the middle pocket. I placed nothing in these pockets for the rest of the week, only to discover at the end of the week that the original tear had gotten larger and frayed, and the last pocket had also begun to tear.

    Saturday evening, the 22nd, when I got home I immediately sent an email with the attached picture. I closed my email with this: "I am asking for a same-bag replacement for this defective purse, assuming the lining problem has been corrected. If the lining is tearing in all the Blush Havanas, or if it is no longer available, then I am asking for a refund, including shipping (I do not expect a refund for the matching tassel, although I can't imagine being able to use a blush tassel with any other purse). I will gladly return the bag when I receive a prepaid shipping label. If this matter cannot be handled satisfactorily, then I will place a charge-back with my credit card company, as the item is clearly defective and not as described."

    I received an automated email response but as of today, Tuesday, I have not received any other response.

    Here's my picture:
    IMG_1454 (Small).JPG
  3. *I never received my coin purse, despite having placed multiple orders
    *Some of the bags I received were obviously not brand new (which is cool but they should let you know)
  4. I didn't receive my "free gift" (which I assume is a coin purse) for telling them what I look for in a handbag. The offer came when I signed up for their e-mail list, and was separate than the one where I was offered a survey after my first order with them (I did get a coin purse then).

    I e-mailed them about it, and was told they are "no longer are offering the free coin purses any more when filling out the survey." Not very helpful, and not too cool to lure people to fill out surveys by offering them an incentive, then falling through on their half of the deal. Not a HUGE deal, but still annoying and something they should have fixed when they decided to stop offering them.
  5. I did not receive the coin purse, which I was offered for filling out survey after my first HH order. When I went to place an order (for non-sale items), the site said the purse I had selected in the link was "unavailable" even though the pattern I wanted was shown as available for purchase. Two e-mails I sent asking about this and what my options might be were never answered.

    The bag I received from the Labor Day sale (gray Mercer TC satchel) has a defect in the lining that causes it to bulge out quite visibly when the bag is closed. I have tacked back the lining with a couple of sturdy stitches (visible repair if anyone ever scrutinizes the interior of my bag, which is unlikely), so it no longer shows. I never contacted HH about the defect, but I no longer trust that I will receive a mint bag during a sale.
  6. My problems with HH arising from products purchased during the Labor Day Sale:

    1a. Cannes tote, Saffron, non-functioning magnetic clasps.
    4b. Cannes tote, Customer Service problem: HH (first a customer service rep and then Ben) refused to exchange the bag for one with working clasps, or to repair the problem.
    A posting by cmf221 on the H-H Discussion Forum states that her Nomade tasseled drawstring bag has a "magnetic closure..not strong enough to keep it closed." (Posted: 6/21/07). Ben's response to that on the H-H Discussion Forum Posted 6/22/07: "I've heard of people taking their bags to a shoe repair place or a cobbler and having the magnets replaced with stronger ones, or other modifications being made (emphasis added). As long as you find an experienced leather worker, you should have no problem. I've also heard of people doing it themselves." Several other people posted problems in June about the poorly functioning or non-functioning magnets on their bags. HH, aware of a product and/or design defect since at least June, has done nothing to correct it, and has continued selling bags with this defect.

    Issues re: Nicos
    I received an Ink Nico I ordered during the Labor Day Sale - - decided I wasn't crazy about the style, although the color was pretty.

    Problem #2. Receipt of item in the wrong color. Customer service problem #4c. Inconsistent instructions from different customer service reps. For example, agreement to accept returns - - then, upon receiving the return, refusal to accept the return.

    I received what was supposed to be an Amethyst Nico - - only it looked brown, not at all purplish. I called customer service. Rep 1 said they were out of Amethyst Nicos, and I could return the bag. I asked if I could also return the Ink Nico (without giving any reason for wanting to do so), and purchase a Havana Hobo at full price and just pay the difference in price after my credit for the returns. She was aware that both bags had been purchased during the Labor Day Sale. She said I could return both bags, and I should just buy the Hobo at my convenience. She issued me separate return codes for each bag (although she said I should use 1 as the primary code, since I would be shipping them in the same box). I returned both bags, as instructed.

    Several days later I received a call from Rep 2. She said the bag is Amethyst, not chocolate, and in any event no returns are accepted from the Labor Day Sale. I told her that HH could try convincing a Judge that what is brown is actually purple, and, further, that when Rep 1 told me I could return BOTH bags, she overrode any disclaimers from the sale. She said she would get back to me. The next day Rep 2 repeated the same mantra: No returns will be accepted from the Labor Day Sale. She attempted to rescind an offer and agreement made by Rep 1. I told her I would not be paying for the bags, and refused delivery by UPS when they sent them back. I will be doing a credit card chargeback.
  7. I purchased a purple Lorca bag in the very beginning of their company. The bag arrived with a broken turnlock. I was told by Ben to send it back, and they would issue me credit, lots of apologies, etc. I sent it back via registered mail; they never picked up the package; it was sent back to me. Ben did credit me for the item, but didn't credit me for the original shipping charges. The bag was defective!!!! He also had a big attitude problem when I complained about the refund. That was it for HH and me. I threw the bag away because without the closure it's useless.
  8. Are postings made on tPF proof of an issue, or do we need to provide concrete written/photographic evidence of a problem? Recordings of conversations? What? Are we going for a lawsuit?

    Just asking. I don't want to anger anybody or start a flame war, so seriously, I'm just asking. I don't know how this thread will keep from turning into a mean-spirited 'let's get 'em' thread, as other threads of this type have done. The last one was actually a thread about HH's Labor Day sale (or was it the Big Bang Sale?) and a large chunk of it got pretty vicious, with accusations of people working for Hayden-Harnett and getting discounts and accusing others of lying and all sorts of crazy stuff.

    I've had problems but they were resolved by Hayden-Harnett, so I guess somebody should do a "Good Times with Hayden-Harnett - Post Here" thread.

    Sigh. I probably shouldn't even post this, 'cause you aren't asking for people who've had their problems resolved, are you. I should know better, I really should. BUT - I do recall the mods stepping in at one point and saying that we aren't supposed to bash companies like some were doing, and I don't know how this is not going to happen here. It will be interesting to follow.
  9. I believe the point of this thread was just to make people aware of possible problems with Hayden-Harnett products -- just as many people are now aware that Coach has some issues with customer service -- and to see if there was a common thread, signs of a "bad batch". It could get mean-spirited, yes, but I believe we are all adults(-ish) here and hold ourselves accountable for what we say.

    And really, passive-agressive snark isn't going to help the mood of this thread any, either. :shrugs:
  10. Indiaink: There are numerous threads singing the praises of HH throughout this entire forum. These threads and the posts from so many other individuals on tpf are what swayed me to purchase a bag from them in the first place. Otherwise, seeing as I reside in Canada, I would have never even heard about this company. I read many posts about their incredible customer service, impeccable designs and great quality leathers. I was excited to purchase from this relatively new and innovative designer as it would be a new experience. I, however, did not experience any wonderful customer service; no service is more like it. The bag that I received is defective. I purchased it prior to the "new return rules" being implemented. I have emailed both customer service and Ben himself numerous times, with photos of the bag. My emails are ignored. In the meantime, I have read that Ben has answered emails of other members of tPF. Thus, he must have seen my emails. This issue has not been resolved for over a month. Others have also had issues with their customer service and failure to take responsibilty for defects in their bags. Why is it that customers can't post the problems they have experienced with Hayden Harnett? What do you find so offensive about it? I have read numerous threads that complain about certain internet retailers and avoid those sites as a result. I like to be informed as a consumer. Are you indicating that dissatisfied customers should keep their mouths shut in fear of hurting HH's business? I am certain that they have experienced a great deal of business from the members of this forum as a result of all the wonderful reviews they had posted about them. They need to appreciate those customers and treat them with respect even after they have received their money. Those posting their concerns have exhausted all other avenues in trying to reach a resolution. The truth is the company is unwilling to stand behind its product. Perhaps you and others HAVE received wonderful, "bend over backwards to please the customer" customer service in the past. This is no longer the case, though. It seems that they have gone to the other extreme. In my opinion, this is unacceptable of any retailer.
  11. I ordered a bag in luggage and a couple of tassels and was sent the wrong colors. The only big problem for me, with this, is that I paid $398 for a bag and was sent one that was most recently on sale for $79.80. Anyway, I too have a blush Havana and while the lining isn't torn, the strap is.
  12. From what I see, HH has a lot threads praising them too. If HH policed themselves, this thread probably could have been avoided.
  13. You explained the point of this post perfectly, biggestbaglover.

    Perhaps the eBay Forum or the Authenticate This Forum should be closed, Indiaink? They practically exist as negative posts. tPF has helped me make good choices, and helped me avoid poor choices. Honest, but negative information does not have to be mean-spirited.

    And just for information, Vlad was PM'd prior to the first post and he said to go ahead.
  14. I am so sick and tired of you and your attempts to block ANY negative comments towards Hayden Harnett even when they are 110% well deserved. This forum is for education and awareness as much as it is for praising those brands that we loved. People have had problems with other brands such as LV, Gucci, etc. and they have made complaints about them. Every time I made a complaint in previous HH threads and others, too you have been so quick to dismiss any claims off wrong-doing on HH's part, turning around and basically implying that people were being selfish, impatient, etc. and that HH must not have done anything wrong. This thread is a VERY good idea as it will help everyone be more organized in their complaints as well as education those looking to purchase from HH. artlovergal did not ONCE make inappropriate or personal attacks nor have anyone else in THIS thread. Stop saying people are going to cause trouble before they are. If the mods find it gets out of hand, they'll stop it. Until they do, let people be. You take everything directed towards THEM so personal. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but I'm not sure how else to get this point across.
  15. 1. Defects in bags:

    c) Flaking/disintegrating/cracking leather or patent leather. I received my Havana Hobo in saddle completely covered in wrinkles at the bottom. Not intentional ones, but the leather looked like elephant skin. The rest of the bag did not have this. Also, there were large (1-2 inch) scratches in several places on the bag prior to me wearing, right after taking out of dust bag.

    4. Customer service problems. Please specify. This is the reason I will never shop from HH (at least not directly) again.
    1. The tracking page said my package would ship on a certain day only to change SEVERAL times to the next day and the next.
    2. The tracking page finally said my package has shipped only to tell me several days later the item has NOT shipped
    3. And...the item WASN'T EVEN IN STOCK!!
    4. I had to go through so many e-mails and phone correspondences with them in which they were not forthcoming with any help despite the fact that this was COMPLETELY fault on their part. I had to request free shipping, which was not refunded until I called again (they told me it takes a long time, yet after I called, it was refunded within a few hours.)

    Basically, I find this company VERY inconsistent and that, to me, is almost as bad as bad service all the time. At least then you know what to expect.
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