Problems with Hangtags

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  1. Does anybody but me have problems with your hangtags falling off? Earlier today I noticed that the hangtag on my white ergo hobo that was gone. I was so bummed, but then found it at the bottom of the bag. What dumb luck to lose it in the bag! Anyway, I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to make sure this doesn't happen with this bag or any other bag I have. Would it be a sin to put a tiny drop of superglue on the brass chain to prevent it from coming apart??
  2. I just lost a hangtag the other day. I called to order a new one and then my son found it later that day in the driveway, but no chain. I actually used plyers and clamped them all closed now since I won't be taking them off and don't want to lose them. I thought of glue also though.
  3. I only had a problem with my carly, it fell off a couple of times but I saw it happen then the 3rd time I lost it completely. Clamping them shut is a good idea.
  4. I live in fear that this will happen! :hrmm:
    I'm constantly checking my Carly's hangtag :s

    I tuck in the ones one my heritage stripe tote and xl satchel so they won't accidentally fall :yes:

    My biggest fear is that they will take my fobs down with them :shocked:
  5. I must be strange because I actually take the hangtags off! They annoy the heck out of me....I usually leave them in a box and replace them if I decide to e*bay the bag. :shrugs:
  6. Mine annoys me a little bit, but I haven't taken it off as I like the look of it. I think glue or clamping them is a good idea!
  7. You know, I've never had a hangtag fall off before, but now you all have me a bit paranoid. *makes note to break out plyers tomorrow*
  8. I'm going to need to do the plyer thing too.
  9. Me too! I always check mine too.
  10. I just lost my hangtag yesterday off my Ergo medium tote! What was worse, I had the owl keychain hanging from it, so that was gone too :tdown:
  11. I haven't lost one, but I do pinch the clasp every once in awhile. And I've "relocated" tags that were bothersome and attached larger ones to the D-Ring inside the bag.
  12. Oh no, how horrible!! The loss of a hangtag is bad enough, but then to lose our keychain is even worse. Hopefully you'll find it somewhere in your house or car.
  13. Good idea. I'm going to try this instead of the glue. Thanks for the idea!
  14. I put a bit of superglue on the clasp.
  15. I use pliers to pinch the clasp tighter, and knock on wood, I haven't had a problem! However, I have heard of people snatching hangtags from bags before, so I always try to wear mine where it's in the front and I can keep an eye on it. Otherwise, in a crowd where your bag sometimes gets bumped anyway, it might be hard to notice if someone removes the ball chain!