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Jimmy Choo lover
Jul 2, 2007
Northern California
Has anyone else had problems with purchases? I ordered a tunic in a size 8 and when I got it, it was a UK8/US4 per the label. I sent it back and they basically said I should have known? The email they sent me made it sound like I was at fault and was really not very professional! How would I know this designer sells in UK sizes? Their listing did not indicate that, it just said size 8. So I had a credit as they will not issue refunds...Then I order a pair of jeans (to use the credit) and they say they are US-size 8/ size 28. Well, they sent the wrong color and the wrong length and they are no way a US size 8-more like a size 4! I wear a US6 or size 28 or 29 depending on the brand. I ordered based on the size28. I am so mad!!! Now I have returned them and really just want my money back...jeezz they sent them in brown instead of dark blue!!
Nov 22, 2006
I've had issues with them before as well, I placed an order that was cancelled however I had to call back 4 to 5 times before they would issue a refund. They were not very helpful or accomodating especially considering that they cancelled my order.


Jun 3, 2008
I've had limited experience (2 orders) but both were good. I got the correct items (but I've never gone through the return process.


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Jul 1, 2008
Hollywood, CA
How did you get invited into Gilt. I went to the website and it was by invite only. I had never heard of it. (i feel so pedestrian now....)