Problems With Epi?

  1. I purchased an Epi bag (don't remember the name) and a few months into usage the shoulder straps started peeling and cracking!! My LV associate was gracious enough to exchange it, but the 2nd one did the same thing! Has anyone ever had this problem?! Crazy to spend over $2K on a purse whose straps don't stay intact even after a few months of use...ugh!! :cursing::cursing::yucky:
  2. Wow! I'm sorry to hear that. I've not had any problems with my epi. Which bag are you referring to? What kind of strap? Is there anyway you could show us a pic? Maybe there are some others out there with the same problem? I would think LV would do something about this!
  3. would u able ot post some pics?:yes:
  4. It's the Passy GM. Correction-it's not over $2K but it's still a good chunk of change!! The sad fact is that I also have the Segur MM and it does the same thing at the top. I also have the briefcase (looks like the Alma but much larger) and the HonFleur and they don't have these problems. What a crap shoot. I'm not buying another Epi :tdown:. I was considering a Suhali but, hell, if I'm going to spend that much on another purse I think I'll just wait for my Birkin!!!
  5. Can you post some pics? I am planning of getting my first Epi in Spring and after reading your post, I may change my mind about purchasing the Epi.
  6. I'm charging up my camera battery for you ladies and will take pics shortly. I have the Deauville and that thing is a freakin' tank-I think you could run it over with my SUV and it will still look brand new. After owning the Passy and the Messur I'm not sure that spending the few hundred dollars for this type of leather is worth it. However, I don't have other LV leathers so I will not pass judgment on those (again...the Suhalis look devine and I have been salivating over them for quite some time...).
  7. I'm sorry this happened to your epi bag, I've had an epi Jasmin since the beginning of last year and it is still in pretty good shape. Hopefully they will let you exchange it again.
  8. There was a post on here a few weeks ago that had pictures of some black epi handles that were peeling. I'm not sure what would cause this in some bags and not in others. Are you putting something on your hands before carrying your bags, like hand sanitizer, a particular lotion, do you wear a lot of rings?

    My mom has a black epi Jasmin and carries it almost every day for about a year now and the bag still looks brand new . She also has a white Suhali lockit an has had no problems with that. The Suhali leather is different then the epi though....
  9. Nope...I've been real careful about not putting anything on my hands before touching my leathers. It's funny b/c I don't have this problem with any of my other LV's except the ones stated.

    Lesson learned, I guess. I'll pass on my pics to y'all as soon as I get my camera charged!!
  10. This is surprising to me. I have an almost 6 year old Petit Noe and the straps are perfect. I am thinking the poster may use a certain hand lotion?
  11. oh I see that you don't use lotions. hmmm....
  12. My epi handles are in excellent shape even after using them so much. I'm thinking maybe it's from a certain lot, or even made from a certain factory? I wonder if both your bags that are made from the same factory?? Check the date codes in each one and see if they have matching first two letters.....
  13. I guess my next question is-I am not going to go in and ask for another exchange, but would the store just send it off for repair? Never had the need to get an LV bag repaired...

  14. yea, i read about that thread too. i've personally seen one of my friends epi handles having the same problem. not peeling...but slight discolaration...maybe it will peel later on. she got hers sometime last yr.
  15. I am so sorry you are having this problem. I only have an epi pochette and it still looks perfect after many years