Problems with ebay and my Coquelicot city

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  1. Hi girls,
    I put my coquelicot city on (I'm italian) but selected options of international shipping , and accept Paypal; but if I look from or it doesn't appear. Do you know why?
    And I need a suggestion: it's like new, but I need money, and a girl offered me not enough for its value; would you wait for someone else or would you accept?

    Thanks everybody!
  2. Hi, Not sure but manybe it is on ebay Italy? If there is one....
    When you post, did you the webste address at the back? Does it end with .uk? .us? . com?

    As for the 2nd question, it depends on how badly I need the $$$. If I could wait, I would of course. I encounter something similar. I listed a chloe edit on sale. Got an offer at 50% off listed price, not a good price but was very tempted to sell immediately. I agreed to the price but buyer did not respond for 3 days. Meanwhile, someone bidded on my item! In the end, I sold the bag at a higher price!
  3. When I sell on Uk ebay and also want the US and Canada to see the listing, I do have to 'tick' a box to enable this (for a small additional fee) - I don't think if you have international shipping it automatically shows up on overseas sites.