Problems with Creme de la Mer?

  1. Have been using Creme de la Mer for a few years now and have not had this problem before....the cream has 'separated' and is now an oily liquid and a white more solid lump!

    Anyone else had this happen? It seemed to be when the temperatures were high in the UK, but even so it wasn't that hot!
  2. never try la mer...
  3. How long have you had the jar? I was told by La Mer that they have a shelf life of 3 years (yikes! I have the humongous jar and have had it for 3.5 years and have only used half of the jar). Having said that mine hasn't "separated" yet despite the heat wave we had.

    I'm now wondering if we can put this in the fridge to extend the life.
  4. i went to the Harrods counter and as I bought it in the US I have to call Ester Lauder, what a pain! They said it separates when its either very hot or very cold so dont put yours in the fridge. I know its been quite hot in london this summer but that is ridiculous! It is a US brand and its much hotter in the states!

  5. Why?
    i knew it only the last week, I saw a woman buying... I asked why it was so expensive and the SA told me miracolous things... are they true?

  6. Read the label on this stuff, it's mostly MINERAL OIL. It breaks me out terribly and is overrated if you ask me. Some women swear it's their HG, but IMHO it's a lot of hype.
  7. My mother uses it. My family got together and bought it for her on "mother" type holidays, but after two years, it made her start to break out! :yucky: We felt bad but got her something else and it cleared right up :yes:
  8. DON'T put it in the fridge!! i was told by my SA never to do that.

    one jar i had separated. I brought it back to Saks and they happily replaced it for me =)

    so if you bought it recently, bring it back and see if they will replace it for you. if not, it's probably fine to keep on using it. just make sure your hands are dry and you never dip your finger into the jar...

    I love La Mer! swear by it!! if only i could use it all over everyday!!
  9. ^^^Agreed !!!
  10. Hmm, I'm usually really good with looking for mineral oil but I didn't notice it was SO present in creme de la mer, I've had a small jar for a while and works quite well when I have bouts of eczema on my face or around my eyes, other than that I barely use it......It does say on my jar that separating from the sides into a ball (or something to that effect) is normal......
  11. Sorry...:crybaby:
    I'm italian I don't understand very well... (ignorant girl trying to learn in foreign forums!:shame:smile:...
    What's the meaning of:

    It breaks me out
    lot of hype

    :heart:Thank you, sorry
  12. Recently, I heard that ever since La Mer was sold to the Estee Lauder group, the original ingredients were not used because they were not found. Hence, all La Mer uses are using on their faces is just loads of MINERAL OIL that smells like Oil of Olay.
  13. ^^^ I heard that too.
    I would return it. If that doesn't work I would re-mix it with a hand held blender. If it is just an oil and a solid that would work.. :idea:
  14. What's the meaning of:
    It breaks me out : Can cause pimples, zits, rash (depends)
    HG,: Holy Grail - which means sort of the one and only thing someone will use/ or want
    lot of hype - the in thing, the 'it' stuff

    Hope that helps somewhat!
  15. My skin is oily, no way can I use La Mer.

    I use La Prairie and I LOVE it so much.