Problems with closing inner flap???

  1. On my new lambskin classic flap, I am having trouble closing the inner flap as it is difficult to push the press-stud down without completely squashing the bag, and my worry is scartching it. Has anyone else had this problem? I haven't managed to fasten the inner flap yet as too scared of damaging. There are already loads of scratches on the lambskin and I haven't even used it yet!
  2. Yes! I find that problem too and have to admit that I don't use the inside press-stud for that reason. Don't wanna squash my baby:nogood:
  3. When i have enough stuff in my bag, i can always close the inner with no problems at all. But when i dont i usually leave it and use the outter lock only hope this helps!
  4. Yes, this is very helpful. Thanks!
  5. I rarely snap it closed, it's not that easy. It comes a bit easier if you slip your hand in the inner back pocket and push the snap with your thumb.
  6. i usually ignore the inner flap snap and it spoils the bag anyway, cause if it doesn't close then you'll press hard on the flap and the shape of the snap button will form on the delicate leather. which is what happened to my reissue! omg, i just so happened to try to try it yesterday and guess what happened, it just refused to close!
  7. I think most of us will just ignore the inner flap, as long as you close the outer flap, it will be ok...
  8. I wore my bag today for the first time and just left the inner flap open. It was fine. Thanks guys!
  9. Funny to think, in 20 years of owning a flap I've never snapped that inner flap. Guess that's why I never have a problem getting in and out of it :smile:
  10. i just close the outer flap.
  11. I agree. I just close the outer flap.

  12. I rarely close that flap. It should be magnetic snap.
  13. yeah, a magnetic closure would've been so much better although i dont usually bother with closing the inner flap anyway...

    I still prefer double flaps over single flaps - i think it gives it more structure
  14. Yeap,me too !
    I never close the inner flap whether it is a classic med/large or a reissue,either;)!
  15. I find that snap a bit irritaing and never use it esp. by the time I PACK MY BAG IT JUST WONT CLOSE!