Problems with Burgundy Affair???? :confused1:

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  1. Soooooo, has anyone had any issues with the affairs, in particular the burgundy? I just got mine about three weeks ago and have worn in maybe 4x. It's always hung by my side and against nothing rough. Today I noticed that along the sides of the flap on the outer edges it seems that the material is rubbed off and gone. I have had no issues like this with my MACs or my MABs and my MABs get abused while this affair has been babied. What do I go??????? :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  2. PS. It's the new quilted ones.
  3. I haven't had that happen to my Affair, but it's the circle quilt version. Is the piping exposed? Could you post a pic? Some Apple Leather Conditioner might help, and I've found then adding Lovin My Bags Shine Restore only only the edges helps protect from rubbing.
  4. No!!!!!! Where did you get it? Maybe you should have the store you bought it at look at it?
  5. I'll try to take some pictures as soon as I get home. I bought it on Piperlime during their splurge event, but I never had an issue with them and RM bags before.
  6. *Knock on wood but I haven't had problems with my plum rose gold affair that I got Dec 2011. The only issue is that I can't wear it cross body though because the top crinkles and looks bad. I have however had the zipper pull break off my 5 zip MAC with gentle use. My friend has had all three of the front zips on hers break off! I ended up sending it in for repair, and they sent it back fixed, but with a non-matching zipper attachment, and damaged my original zipper pull from attaching it onto the replacement (if that makes sense). I haven't minded that much as it is my throw around bag but I haven't found the quality of RM bags to be that good.
  7. I wonder if you could use neutral Edge Kote on it. That's something I have used with Alexander Wang bags (which are prone to edge wear) but you can use it on any type of leather edges.

    This is the stuff I'm talking about:

    Just moisturize first and apply sparingly. It would restore the damage that's on it already, though.

    The first thing I'd do is contact Piperlime, though if it has only been 3 weeks. They may not allow returns for final sale items but that should not apply to defective items. Failing that, I'd contact RM directly and raise hell. :mad: