Problems with Brass Hardware?

  1. I've been noticing on a Kristin flap satchel in brass/brown that I recently got at the outlet that one of the brass rings looks like it is wearing off. I thought I could clean it but to no avail. Also is happening to the zipper on my Madison leather accordion zip large wallet that I've only had for two months. Is this normal? I wanted to buy a Lindsey in saffron with the new PCE but if this is going to happen to the brass hardware I am rethinking buying it... Anyone have the same issues with their brass hardware? Has anyone found a way to fix the hardware?
  2. Anyone? I could really use some advice because I really want to buy the Saffron Lindsey with my PCE. I have only been buying Coach since February so I don't know if this is normal for their brass hardware?
  3. Could you post pictures?
  4. I've been having issues with this as Madison large wrislet in brass/black has been showing signs of tarnish - any ideas on how to go about cleaning this? I've had it about a year and only recently just noticed it :sad: any tips, ladies?
  5. I just use a Dremel with the soft bristle attachment to polish brass. Some people say toothpaste will work as well. Or maybe Brasso, which used to work pretty well previously, though I've heard mixed reviews about that lately.
  6. My kristin goat leather N/S tote has the same problem although it is a $700 purse....The leather is perfect and I love it. The brass hardware looks aged though.
  7. I have many bags with brass hardware but they're all vintage.

    I'd be disappointed too...especially in a new bag. IMHO, they just don't make them like they used to.
  8. Thank you! I'll definitely look into that :biggrin: I guess I'll just try a bit of toothpaste and see how that turns out first.
  9. I have a Kristin satchel with brass hardware. It must be plated because when I cleaned it with Brasso it became silver/nickel colored. I know the bag is authenticate because I bought it at FP store in Broomfield, CO. Sad, sad, sad.
  10. AGREED! :true: