problems with a muse bag

  1. hi!
    i have question about a muse bag.
    in december i bought a chocolate muse bag. after wearing the bag for about six times and being very careful with it i noticed that along the edges of the handle and all around the piping leather started to peel or separate like a deck of cards. i brought it to the store on 57th street for repair. they assured me that it would be fixed. few weeks later i came back to pick up my back and notices that it was not fixed completely i told the girl that it is still peeling on one side of the bag. she assured me that it will be fixed. one month passed i decided to go in yesterday on my way from work to see if my bag was ready because i did not hear from them for a month. the guy went to the back and brought out my bag only now all wrinkled with the same defect. it looked like it was never sent out. he was ver arrogant. i told him how i was disapointed in the quality after paying so much money he just smirked at me. i told him i expected more of the quality for the money i spent his response was oh did you?
    he told me that the reasons designers come out with new bags is because they wear out.he also said peeling of the leather only adds character. i told him i did not want peeling character of the leather. he made me feel like i am nuts and would not listen to me. when he saw how upset i got he went to the back and came out with the solution by giving me two addresses to take my bag to and fix it myself. i wanted to cry. then the manager came out who was this sarcastic diva and would not listen at all. they accused me of wearing my bag out. i wore it only 6 times at most and it has never been on the floor and when i did not use it it was in a felt bag on my couch.
    i don't know what to do. they have the bag at the reapir longer than i had it and now they smashed it so it really looks worn.
    any advise or has anyone had problems with this type of a bag?
    i really appreciate any advise.

    thank you in advance
  2. I'd actually take it to NM and see what they say. They may be able to have it sent out for you.

    I bought my bag before you bought yours and I've carried it quite a bit and it is still in immaculate condition. That should not have happened.
  3. Can you get your money back? Where did you buy it?

    I would just demand a replacement bag. Talk to the manager's boss. They cannot treat you like this. Keep demanding to talk to another person and another. Show them how much you spent and that you want and expect a good product. Keep trying!
  4. Where did you buy it? At a YSL boutique or department store? I'm so sorry to hear this - when you pay that much it is expected that something will last longer. And you don't have to accept that treatment from those sales people. Just keep going to their boss, and the boss' boss.. don't let them get away with it...
  5. I agree- I hate arrogant sales people. You are the customer - you are the one spending money and giving them commition, so they should be kissing your ass and doing everything within their power to help you. This makes me so mad- If I lived in New York (Im assuming thats where you got it) I would go in there and give them a piece of my mind. Just demand to talk to the highest manager/owner of the store until they agree to return it or give you a brand new bag. I hope you got the names of the snotty sales guy and manager to report their bahavior. Who owns YSL? Is it Gucci Group? You could write a letter to their human resources department detailing the incident and give them the employees names and the dates you were in the store, along with a copy of your receipt. Its worth a shot! I had the same problem several years ago when the Marc Jacobs Stella bags first came out - I was so careful with mine, but it rubbed against my jeans for like a second and was ruined. I asked Nordstrom to have it sent out and they took forever to get it back to me and said Marc Jacobs couldnt fix it. Even though the manager was (and still is) a complete witch, I refused to leave until she returned it. Be strong!
  6. gosh talk about awful customer service! sorry to hear what you are going through.
    i totally agree with lisadoodle, you should write a letter!
  7. thank you so much for everyones advise.
    i bought the bag at 57 th street boutique in nyc. i am glad to hear that i am not crazy because they had me convinced that i was. the guy kept stressing the character of the bag and when i kept mentioning how much i spent and my expectations of better quality he just responded with sarcasm "oh do you". i am not stupid i know the difference of character and damage. i did ask for the replacement and all i got was another snooty manager with two addresses for me to go and fix it myself. so i will see how it will look when it comes back for the third time. i also know that it will fall apart again basing on how the other seams look. they treated my bag at the store like i would never treat it myself. it is all bent and wrinkled in addition to everything else.
    the problem is they never dated any of the papers as to when i brought the bag in the first time and when i send it back the second time the girl just took it back without giving me another one and same thing happened this time no receipt just the green little card with some numbers on it. no date. i will write a letter now that i know to send it to human resouces.
    thanks for validating my feelings.
  8. That is ridiculous!!! How can they treat you like that? Instead of trying to help you they mock you? How rude!! :tdown: I agree with gr8heart, demand a replacement bag!! The bag that you got is probably a defect and they should definitely try to fix it!! Hope it all works out for you though!!!
  9. terrible. paying so much for a bag and now getting frustrated
  10. OMG I'm so pissed for you! Take it back today and demand for a refund. Who was the SA that originally sold you the bag? you should talk to her/him. This is so unacceptable. This really makes me mad....the one thing that really gets to me are snooty SA's that think that since they deal with "rich" people, they'll just keep buying and not care about the products...and any of us who do care about the quality of what we buy are "middle class" and will probably not give them more business in the future. BTW, who was this SA who was rude to you so the rest of us can avoid him?
  11. my ysl handles do peel a little too. but i do use it a fair bit, but not daily.
  12. Do ya'll realize this is a year old thread?
  13. I have used my YSL muse oversize in dark brown for school on daily basis and they have never peel, but i do apply leather oil on it once a month and leave it on overnight for the leather oil to be absorb, however I do have some faint scratch marks on the bottom edge of the bag, the leather shouldn't peel. I think the Muse is a very tough bag, If I was you, I will be yelling non stop at the SA in 57th for selling me a bag, bring the bag back and question is authenticity, from my past experience SA are very frighten when you ask them if their bags are real! Make a scene! good luck
  14. oh dear ... now i want to know what happened! are you still around rogicoco?

    i've had a bad experience at a designer boutique too ... makes me wonder, how can they keep their customers with such bad service (i will definitely NOT be going back to that brand again)
  15. Eeeeeewwwwww????? What a bad bad bad BAD sevice!!!!!!!

    rogicoco, what happened then?