Problems with a buyer I need Advise

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  1. So I sold a Le Creuset pan on ebay last week. It was brand new but chipped on the inside and on the rim. I stated that on the listing in red and also said there would be no returns. Now the buyer sent me an email stating that the item was damaged and she wants a refund. Am I wrong for not wanting to give her a return. It was stated on the listing that the item was damaged. Would ebay make me returns the money? Advise please
  2. Is she saying that the item is damaged in some other way, or is she just referring to what you mentioned in the listing?
  3. Ugh, I greatly dislike people who can't take the time to read an item description prior to purchase. Yes, they can try to force a return and they can leave negative feedback, but it sounds like you are in the right here and any decision should be made in your favor if you decide to challenge her. I would write them an email and clearly but nicely state where in the listing the damage was mentioned and that the item is exactly as described. You should win any case she tries to file against you. However, she can leave negative feedback even for being an uneducated buyer who was completely at fault. Whether or not the sale is worth that to you, is your decision. Good luck and sorry you're in this situation!
  4. No the damage she states is exactly the one I state on the listing. I sent her and email stating I knew the item was damaged and it stated that in red on the listing with links to pictures.
  5. I would tell her your listing mentioned this damage and there are no returns. She should have read better.
  6. ^^ This.
  7. I agree with the others. :yes:
  8. Me too!
  9. ^Agreed! It was the buyer's fault for not reading the description in the first place.
  10. I can tell you eBay is being a PITA lately. I am betting they tell you to take it back. I just had some PITA file a complaint on me. First time in 10 years. I had an item up, sealed in the package. He did a BIN right after I listed them. Opened them up and then complained they were an old model. The newer model is called something different.

    My listing states No Returns. It is sealed.

    Ebay made me take the return. They did help me out by crediting my seller account because I told them I could not sell them.