Problems Paying For Shoes Is U.s.

  1. I wonder if anybody else on here (who lives in the U.K.) has had this problem, after about 6 phone calls to stores around the U.S. i have found my beautiful Bottega Veneta sandals and they were even on sale , gave the store my VISA debit card number and the other details they required but they have come back to me twice to say that there end,:rant: they are being told my card number is invalid i have spoken to my bank who state that there is nothing wrong with my card and it is definitely active and told me to go back to the store with this information but now i am beginning to feel a bit annoyed as i do not understand what is going on (there is definitely adequate funds) in my bank account so surely it such be quite straight forward, can someone possibily throw some light on this problem as i would be very grateful. :mad:
  2. Is it a bank card or a credit card? I don't think you can use debit card, I could be wrong.
  3. hi there! I think the problem may be if they are using it as a debit card. I know on some terminals they are prompted to select if it is a credit or debit card.
    A visa delta card in the UK is a debit, but if you use it outside of the UK it has to be processed as a credit card. (this dones't mean you'll get a bill, but thats just the way it has to be processed Visa vouch for you sort of!)

    If you have a regular credit card or even an Amex charge card, I'd use that instead if you can.

    Good luck & lets see some pics of your fabby new shoes when you get them!