Problems On Multicolor

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  1. may i know whether all the problems with multicolor already been solved or still going on with the multicolor bags now.
    problems i mean here is like
    1) the fading LV logo
    2) the blending

    or is there any other problems u guys wanna add.... ? :sweatdrop:
  2. the fading LV logos is a problem that won't be solved due to the nature of how it is applied to the canvas. constant rubbing of the logos will cause it to rub off.

    if by blending you mean bleeding, i believe that one has been fixed.
  3. Maybe beacuse I barely used mine, I have not have any problems, Should I be worried? I have been thinking about taking her out....
  4. the LV logo fades?? why?
  5. There are tons of threads about this, maybe you should try doing a search!
  6. is the white multicolor bags easily get stains from blue jeans? and if so, can it be clean off ?
  7. Yes, the white will get color transfer and no, it can't be cleaned off. Do a search....I just experienced this with my white MC heart coin purse...nothing would take it off.
  8. not even a magic eraser?!