Problems doing searches.

  1. Hey Vlad and Megs,

    Whenever you do a search and something about the search term is invalid like the length of the word (try searching for a single letter in the search terms) then it gives you an error that the search terms are too short. I'm fine with that but when you fix the search terms and search again it tells you that you have to wait 45 seconds. It's sort of annoying because the first search wasn't even a success. I just think that is should let me do a search after correcting the search criterion without waiting.
  2. This measure is in place in order to decrease the loads on our forum servers. I can experiment with decreasing the search waiting time and see how it will affect the performance of the site. Sadly, the timeout does not make a difference between failed searches and successful ones. Wish it did, really...
  3. Thanks Vlad, that's understandable. Maybe you could put the search rules in place via javascript so that the search never occurs? Just a thought.

    I will try to remember not to search for one letter words in my sentences from now on, but I always seem to be forgetting lol.
  4. Vlad: I know the 45 second rule was set to control server load, but I just noticed the reduction and want to give a big THANK YOU!!!
    I understand it may not be permanent, but even for a few days I appreciate that my fingers have minds of their own and often click My Posts when I intended New Posts or vice versa.
    Thanks ! :tup: