problematic pour monsieur - piggy's perplexed!

  1. hehe . . i'm in an alliterative mood . . . . . so, i've been totally in love with the pour monsieur ever since laurayuki posted them in her wishlist photo album . . . however, i went to try them on at Barneys and i just don't think they're going to work for me . . . . :crybaby:

    the ends of the bows extend towards the inside (the arch side of the foot), and when i walk, the ends keep brushing against one another every time i take a step :confused1: has anyone else had this issue? any idea how to solve / prevent this?? the shoes look DIVINE on and i really really want them!!! :push:

    56 2009.03.01.jpg
  2. hmmm ... they are gorgeous!

    they only thing I can think of is ... walk with your feel farther apart?

    sorry I am no help :push:
  3. Seems like the bow "should" lay the other way....:huh:
  4. i know!! that's what my SA and i were talking about . . . . it's weird, you'd literally have to walk as if your feet were on 2 parallel lines, sort of, whereas the way i walk is as if i'm on a tightrope, one foot in front of the other, KWIM?

    so sad b/c they're SO CUTE on!!!
  5. I didn't even realize that the bow was pointing inwards! I assumed the ends were pointing outwards like VNs. Hm that kind of changes my opinion of the shoe - that's really bizarrely designed. Like Naked said, walk with feet farther apart? Of course, that might look weird... you could try taping the bows closer to your arch.
  6. ya my SA and i were discussing maybe somehow sewing the bows down, but then they're not as cute, because part of the appeal is the way you can see all the layers of the bow, and if you sort of tack it down, not so much . . . . le sigh, it's so frustrating! i totally thought it would be facing the other way as well!!
  7. uh oh looks like the engineers at CL forgot to check if these shoes were structurally dynamically safe!
  8. What she said.

    They are gorgeous though. Festive but not over the top.
  9. Sometimes they forget girls gotta walk in CLs! :p
  10. Perhaps Monsieur needs to spend a day walking in each of the heels he designs....
  11. ITA. What a bummer! :sad:

    The good news might be that no one will buy them due to this issue & they will go on sale. Then you could try to work with a cobbler to make them more user friendly? :yes:
  12. That would annoy the crap out of me! :sad:

    What about having someone make the bows a little smaller? I'm sure that's some sort of sin, but...
  13. although i did hear him quoted somewhere that some of his shoes were made for lying on your back!
  14. ^LOL thus, "pour monsieur" and not pour marcher (walking).
  15. "pour monsieur" (for mister)... that SO makes sense!