1. So here's what's going on. I am first on the waitlist for the Miroir Lockit at both the Montreal and Toronto boutiques in Canada. I've been waiting for the Montreal one for a long time now because my SA told me they'd be getting stock in around June 15, but not she's telling me the launch date for Montreal will be pushed back to JULY 15.
    Good thing my backup Toronto plan is still there, so I paid and they're supposed to send it to Montreal by Thursday the latest.
    Now the problem is that I planned on buying TWO Miroir Lockits, one for myself and the other for my cousin who lives in China (I wanted to play with hers too LOL). However, I am leaving Montreal on July 15 for vacationing in China. My original plan was that I get the 2nd bag and bring it with me to China and give it to my cousin there. So the question is...

    2. Or SHOULD I GIVE HER THE TORONTO BAG, PREPAY THE MONTREAL ONE SO THAT I CAN PICK IT UP ONCE I COME BACK FROM CHINA? Sounds good to me, but the other problem here is that I ordered a SILVER Lockit from Toronto and my cousin wants a GOLD one:push:

    3. TOO CONFUSING, FORGET ABOUT HER!!! Besides, I think she wants the bag to sell it so I may be going through all this trouble without much appreciation from her... :hysteric:

    Thanks for listening.... I'm very complicated.... sorry.... Flower to you :flowers:
  2. I think option 2 sounds good, but if she is making you all stessed so she cn sell it. Tell her to get her own bag. lol
  3. option 3 for me sorry

    you can't risk your flight and what if for soome reason the other store don't get them or an SA messes up, she'd have a bag & you wouldn't
  4. I think 3. Forget about her.
  5. 1. No you shouldn't risk your flight.


    3. It's not confusing. Since you know she is selling it why jeopardize your Silver Miroir for her? She's selling it anyway.

    Have a great trip to China and enjoy yourself!:flowers:
  6. It's option 2 if she wants the bag for herself and not to sell! ;)
  7. good point!
  8. i'd go for option #3 too :yes: tell your cousin you only managed to get it in silver.
  9. Yup, do what is easy for you and what won't break her heart at the same time. So option #3 if she's just planning to sell it. Have a great trip!!
  10. Yea, I have to agree with the rest. :yes: Miroir lockit is a pretty hot bag so if you give the silver to her, you may end up with none if the other one isn't available for you when you come back from China later. Can't she try getting one for herself in China?
  11. hey! how's it going these days? thanks for your input and congrats on your new bag:okay:

    ughhh... well I did tell her "get your own bag!!!" just like how sjunky13 said lol, but umm... let's just say say that her bf doesn't love her all that much anymore:sweatdrop:....
  12. Umm, ok... :sweatdrop: But, even if you help her get one, she still has to pay you back, right? Or do you usually give such expensive gifts among you guys? Lol... :sweatdrop:
  13. if she wants to sell the bag....then i wont do anything for her..just buy my own miroir lockit and enjoy it.
  14. Nah, it'll be from my family's own pocket... but we definitely do NOT do this regularly. It's just that my mom promised her something 20 years ago that she hasn't fulfilled, so she always feels like anything that my cousin asks for takes priority, especially since this time she seems so desperate for it...
  15. I think #3 makes the most sense if you weigh the pros and cons. And I know you will, my brainy friend! If the Lockit comes early, all the better but if it doesn't, then it's not your fault - you booked the flight long before you were told about the delay. And can't they ship it overseas to your cousin? Shipping is nothing compared to the price of the bag! HTH.