Problem with Vibe the Boutique

  1. Has anyone ever had a problem with them? I am pretty much livid with them at the moment.

    I ordered something from them on Jan 30th, was charged for it on my cc, received a tracking number via email so I thought, cool I should have it soon. 2 weeks go by, I had called them and left a message, sent an email but received no communication from them whatsoever. The UPS online tracking only said that billing information was received...but nothing further.

    Today I log in to my VTB account online and it now says that as of yesterday they cancelled my order and that the item is not in stock. What a load of BS!!!! I am supposedly to receive a credit, however I'm sure it won't be issued as fast as it was charged to my account.

    What would you guys do if anything? I am peaved at their HUGE lack of customer service at this point.

  2. How frustrating!! I'm so sorry. I've ordered twice from them and had no problems, but I would keep calling and e-mailing and demanding what is due to you. If they know anything about doing business well, they should apologize profusely and give you some kind of discount or promotion on your next order (that is, if you'd be willing to risk ordering from them again!)
  3. :yucky: I hate when that happens...they should have definitely had the courtesy to notify you much sooner..I've only purchased from them once but my transaction went pretty smoothly. Hopefully you will have better luck next time!!