Problem with USPS

  1. Hi everyone. I bought 2 authentic Coach bags off an auction site and the seller shipped them out and gave me a tracking number for it. I was anxious to get them so i checked the tracking number and mail frequently. Well, last Wednesday i got home from work around 2:45 and went on the computer (which is located near a window) so i could see if my package arrived. I put in the number and it said "the package arrived to (my town) on 3:43 PM. People were in the house with me and no doorbell rang, no package nothing. I was right there when they "delievered" it. Does anyone know what happened or what could of. The carrier has been contacted and should get back to us, but i wanted an opinion and if this has ever happened to anyone. Thanks :sad:
  2. They might have meant that is when it arrived at the post office in your town and they haven't tried to deliever it yet...Hopefully!!!
  3. Yes that was what i was thinking! I am still hoping!
  4. Wow, what does the latest update say now? Delivered? Based on what you said, usually yr package should be delivered the same day when you see that message or the day after. Make sure you ask your postman tomorrow if the status shows "Delivered".
  5. yes i will Thanks
  6. I have had them tell me that my package has been delivered and, of course, it hasn't because I wasn't holding it! Anyway...let us know what happens!! K~
  7. Yes i will! Since it's Columbus Day tomorrow, i have to wait until tues.
  8. Good luck! Let us know what happens...
  9. Thank you everyone. I will let you know as soon as i know.
  10. i hope it comes
  11. Good luck..I think your package is still in the post office otherwise the tracking said delivered...
  12. The only thing those USPS tracking numbers are good for is if something happens to your package. They aren't like UPS or FedEX where you see regular updates as the package moves through their system. I've gotten USPS packages that NEVER even showed that they were delivered.

    When I get seller emails with USPS tracking numbers, I mostly ignore them. Among other things, it's not even an indication that the seller has taken the package to the post office. It just means they printed a shipping label.
  13. This is why I send EVERYTHING with signature confirmation, even if it is insured, too. The post office always tries to fight with me over using sig confirmation AND insurance since they say the insurance requires a signature. But I want to be able to get a copy of the signature online in case I need to prove to Ebay or Paypal that the item was delivered and who signed for it. Too often with plain delivery confirmation the item gets left on the wrong front porch! Now, every package I send out has to be signed for, so at least I will know WHO received it. ;)
  14. I love USPS better than any other shipping service. However, the tracking number is worth nothing to you unless you don't get the bag. They almost never update that tracking.
  15. Good luck with finding your package! I hate the Delivery Confirmation decal because it is sometimes inaccurate...but I prefer USPS over other shipping methods *cough*DHL*cough*