Problem with the website?

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  1. Hi,

    is it just me or are there problems with the Louis Vuitton online shop/website? I can go the bags but then it doesn't load anymore and it says an error #1034 occured...

    Anybody having the same problems?
  2. Yes, I am. Earlier today an item I've been obsessing over was listed as sold out so I called the 800 # for availability. They told me their computer was down. I'm really hoping the sold out online message was an error too.
  3. Thank you!!! So I think we'll need to be patient until they fix it, it may take a few hours (?) *sigh*
    I'm hoping we don't have to wait until Monday until the problem will be fixed... :shocked:
  4. It's fixed now! My wonderful husband just purchased me a new Neverfull from LV online as an early birthday gift.
  5. Now the site is completely down :hrmm:
  6. its down for me.. is it fixed for anyone yet? :O
  7. Yes, it's online again :smile:;):biggrin: