Problem with the trendy headband

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  1. So I bought 3 of these in different colours and shapes so to speak..
    Because I love headbands. But I have no clue how to wear them. Even though it gives a short desciption on the site im still frustrated.

    Does any1 happend to have one of these headbands and would like to help a fellow tpf member and take some pics of different styles to wear it?

    I'm clueless..But they are so pretty.

    I tried doing a bow over a pony tail..looked weird. I tried doing a bow on one side..well..that looked akward too and if i only let the bands hang I kinda look like a hippie when i have the headband with pucci inspierd pattern..:sweatdrop:

    HELP! Descriptions isn't good for a slowminded person like me..I need pics :p
  2. Tie the bow underneath? That's just a guess, I don't know how to wear those either.
  3. I actually did that too..but it looked weird :confused1:
  4. i love headbands but they always give me such a headache :/
  5. I think you just slide those on and on the underneath you tie those strands into a knot and NOT a bow. and let them hang. Not for sure but that is what I think ,so it's kinda like a scarf on your head not a headband.
  6. Oh, CEC.LV4EVA had a wonderful thread on how to use the bandeau a while ago, and a boy whose nick I cannot remember also modelled it in different ways. I imagine a bandeau can be worn like this. I'll see if I can dig up some of those threads.

    edit: SOrry, but I can't seem to find it yet. .. >_<
  7. Thanks every1, I still haven't figured it out
  8. Put the band on your head, tie the bow underneath.

    I don't really wear headbands but that seems to be how my friends wear them.
  9. Exactly! I have more then 10 headbands
  10. I am a headband ADDICT!! Check these real headbands out on eBay. Pucci, missoni, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. I used to wear the scarves but these are so much prettier & easier to wear. I have bought 2 Pucci one's so far and she used to sell Missoni , too , but not recently. Also a long time ago she had fabric ones but I haven't seen them in a while. They are gorgeous and look better in real life!!!!!!!!!!!! You can wear these over a ponytail, too. The seller is couturecupcake.123 on eBay! check it out and your headband problems will be solved;
  11. cant see the picture but if the headbands i think your talking about u just tie it into a lil knot under your hair, the extra material is supposed to lie under your hair...if u google nicole richie or lauren conrad wearing a scarf headband it should show u how it should be worn they both were big fans of this look last summer
  12. the link to your headbands dont work.. but go to and she has some great hear tutorials for head bands! good luck : )