Problem with the Legacy Framed Wristlet

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  1. I just got my gold legacy framed wristlet in the mail today. I wanted something with the legacy stripes and I loved the gold and the kiss lock closure.

    But when I fold it over the snaps don't line up! They end up literally 1/2 an inch apart. I have to really work the bag to get it to snap closed.

    It doesn't get any better when I put stuff in it either. Usually Coach stuff is so well made. I'm so disappointed, I'm taking it back and I can't decide what to replace it with either. :sad: The plain gold wristlet looks so small and the Madison stripe flat the rings aren't welded shut so it just doesn't look well made. So maybe the stripe clutch in gold leather or the zoe lurex clutch.

    Did anyone else get this wristlet? Are you having this problem?
    coach gold leg wristlet2 web.jpg coach gold leg wristlet web.jpg
  2. That it horrible. I know how dissapointed you must be and annoyed that you may have to exchange it. But, if it is not right, let Coach make it right:yes: .
  3. Oh, I know they will, the boutique I use has always had great customer service.
    I guess I was hoping that it was just THIS wristlet. Perhaps other wristlets line up better. I can't tell since the store was decimated by the 25% sale and they had to ship it to me. The wristlet is SO cute, but it just doesn't work.
  4. I got one of the legacy striped wristlets before they became extinct and mine has the same problem. Maybe that is why they took them off the market for a while?
  5. I Just bought the striped one, and I noticed it too, when girls first said soemthing about that, when they said clasp I thought it meant the kiss lock closure. But mine worked fine so I wasn't worried about it. I do have problems snapping it just like you though, but with my razr in it, it still snaps fine, its just I have to look before I do it, but nothing like a half inch or anything. It doesn't bother me, even though the back is damaged.. I wish if you order froma store, you get store goods! not from HQ!!
  6. PS your picture makes me rethink the gold wristlet, it looks HOT! I'd keep it personally, but I guess I'm a wee bit biased..