Problem with the HH saddle Havana I just got

  1. Is it normal for the front of the bag to be a shade darker than the back? I know that the saddle color is a distressable leather that is not perfectly toned but I didn't expect the front to be noticeably darker than the back. The only thing is that I'll have to just eat the cost of the return shipping and then wait for it to get back to them and then for it to be sent back to me...Maybe like two and half more weeks or so. What would you do? Do I keep it since its noticeable only if you look at both sides of the bag together or should I send it back, be patient, and pay the extra shipping? I would love to know if this is common with the HH saddle color since this is my first bag in this particular color...
  2. My saddle Inka is perfect, IMO.

    If I were you - I'd send an e-mail to Salina at HH, her email is Ask if she can work with you on the shipping - because this is an apparent fault, you know - they should offer something. She is very nice - ought to work with you on this.
  3. Thank you for that very helpful info! I just emailed her so hopefully she can work something out for me. I'm just a little bummed because I really, really like everything else about this bag and didn't want to have to wait so long to use it...:sad: I am glad to hear that the saddle color is not usually like this though!
  4. This is something I call a defect so hopefully they can cover it and replace the bag quickly.
  5. Well I just got a response from Salina and they are only gave me a RMA #. I have to cover shipping myself and just wait for the new one...Should I go through all that trouble and possibly get another bag with this same issue (she says that its not uncommon on this color?) or just keep the bag and hope it won't really bother me? What would you all do?
  6. Wow, that doesn't sound good. You have to decide how much this is going to bother you. If the coloring is going to make you not like the bag, maybe order it in a different color or order a different bag. I don't understand why they can't send you a bag the same color on both sides. That's not saying a lot for their customer service.
  7. my saddle Suki is more or less the same all over as well... i totally agree that i would be disappointed too, and so bag-hungry to have such a great bag be so close, but so far!

    i agree that HH is very accomodating, and indiaink made a good suggestion. maybe they can refund your credit card the price that you pay to return ship...
  8. Wow that's not good customer service at all! If this is a common occurrance in this color they absolutely need to disclose that on the description of the bag.

    I realize that you can't always control the way leather takes the color but that almost sounds like a serious quality control issue, and it's BS that you have to risk returning another one til it's right at YOUR expense.

    I would almost say outright return it and see if you can find one elsewhere in store somewhere and buy it.
  9. ITA! Don't they realize that most of us would never have heard of HH bags with this forum and a reputation of bad customer service will hurt them BADLY????? They should bend over backwards to make you a happy and satisfied customer. I purchased items from Luna Boston and Revolve and both purchases came with FREE return postage mailers! And that is for use even if I just changed my mind never mind that the product was defective!!! I think their attitude is completely unacceptable and, although I've been eying their triple strap, I am completely turned off ordering from them because of the way they've treated your issue!!:tdown::tdown:
  10. Oh no! Maybe pick another color if you really like the bag?
  11. Oh no...that sucks! My saddle Havana has been my go-to bag every day since I've received it and if I had to stare at the difference in color, I would be really peeved. One of the nice things about this bag is that you should be able to flip the top of the bag so that either side of the bag is the "front". Obviously, if the two sides of the bag are different shades, you can't do that :tdown:...

    I'm really bummed that HH would give a relatively pat answer that clearly isn't an issue that we all have seen frequently with the saddle color here (this is the first I have heard of it).

    This sounds kind of mean-spirited, but I wonder if you mention in an email that "after 'discussing' online with a number of members of a purse board" the discoloration issue does not seem to be common, if it's possible HH would put a little more effort in finding a more even-toned bag for you!
  12. maybe emailing her a pic of the problem will help? if it's truly a defect, you should definitely NOT be paying for s+h.
  13. I mailed the bag back today with a request to have another one sent out to me. I did send Salina an email stating that friends of mine (well tpf friends anyway!) who have HH bags in saddle say that the color shouldn't be a shade darker in large areas like this one was. I very nicely requested that they credit me for the return shipping since it seems that the bag may be slightly defective. I also casually mentioned that I didn't think I should be responsible for the shipping cost for them to send the new one out to me and that I honestly believe that I have a right to be fully satisfied with my purchase. I had to take the chance that I'll just have to pay for it all myself since I really like the bag, I cannot find another website that has the Havana in saddle, and if I kept this unevenly colored bag, I know it'll continue to bother me. Maybe if it were just a $100 bag that I planned to use occasionally then it wouldn't matter so much, but I paid $300 for it and would like to use it frequently as a casual day bag. I could also understand if it were a sample sale bag or something, but its not. I really hate situations like this...I usually just let it go and count it as a loss just to avoid any unpleasantness but then I realized that if I'm giving them my money, I deserve a first quality product. Its a bummer because I've heard so much about how wonderful HH's customer service is and so I was expecting a nice response and a quick resolution...Oh well, we shall see what transpires I guess.
  14. definitely let us know. I really really hope they take care of this properly but this is a pricey bag and there's no excuse for them not bending over backwards to make it perfect at no cost to you.
  15. Good for you! I don't think what you are asking is unreasonable at all - and they always have the choice to say no. Just as you have a choice to return the bag and get a refund...