Problem with sunglasses

  1. I bought a pair of sunglasses from Coach last year, and I had perscription lenses put in. Over the past year they've gotten so bent out of shape that I keep on having to go to the store where I buy my regular glasses to get them re-shaped. Well I finally brought them to the store to see if they could fix them or send me a new pair. Well the SAs said that since they don't make mine anymore all they can do it take them apart and fix them. So anyway, I get them back, and within a week they're horrendously bent out of shape, worse then they were before!!! What should I do, should I bring them back to the store to try to get them fixed, or should I do something else?
  2. call and complain, ask for a compensation or something? they should be able to stand by their merchandise, not ruin it even more so.
  3. Yea, that's a good idea, I have to make my dad call though because I sound like a little kid on the phone.

    I've had so many problems with trying to send stuff back, its ridiculous. The SAs don't take me seriously because I'm 18, but I look like I'm 14. I tried sending my Hamptons Weekender bag to get fixed because the strap started fraying and they were giving me a hard time about it because it was just my friend and I, and she also looks really young. I think the only reason that they sent the glasses in was because my mom was there, if she wasn't, they would've given me a hard time.
  4. I have a pair of coach sunglasses from last year, and they keep getting bent out of shape too just like yours. Is this a common problem that people have with coach sunglasses?
  5. I have two pairs of sunglasses and have not had a problem. But I also didn't change the lenses to prescription...I was wondering if that was the problem. I know you can get coach eyeglass frames...maybe those hold up better to having custom lenses put in.
  6. I don't think it was from getting the lenses put in, I was there when he put my lenses in. When I bought them, they were a bit out of shape, but the guy I buy allllllllllllll of my glasses from (I've been going there since he opened like 7 years ago) said that he fixed them, and they were fine for a week, and then they got worse.

    apchrist, which ones do you have?? Mine are the Abigail ones, I think so, they have a little heart on the side that says "Coach" on it.
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