Problem with sunglasses fogging up?

  1. So I usually wear regular glasses everyday but today I took home my very first pair of prescription sunglasses. Only problem is, sometimes the inside of the lens fogs up, blurring my vision. I wonder if its because they are too close to my face? Anyone else ever have this problem? TIA!
  2. I only have this problem when there's an extreme climate change.

    Example: Leaving my warm house and stepping outside where it's chilly.

    Do your sunglasses stay fogged up or does it clear out after you pull it away from your face for a few seconds?
  3. They clear up after I pull them away...but when I put them back they'll probably fog up again!
  4. lol i wear glasses and sunglasses all the time and unless the weather outside it way different from inside then that doesnt happen. maybe you should take it to your optician cause you should be able to wear it close to your face
  5. I wore my sunglasses out for the first time today and they didn't fog up! :yahoo:

    I'm thinking its maybe because they were cold when I was trying them on before.