Problem with store alarms

  1. I am fairly new to this forum and have mostly been a lurker, but I need some advice on what to do. I noticed that recently when I have gone into certain stores that I set off the security sensors at the doors when I'm going in AND coming out of the store. I think it's my Coach handbag that I recently bought since that is the only thing that was on me every time this happed. I'm thinking there is some kind of security tag on the bag but I can't find one. I also bought this bag off of e-bay, so I don't know where it originally came from. Does anyone know what I can do to make this stop setting off alarms? Right now I'm so afraid to go into any store (it even went off in Home Depot) because they might think I'm shoplifting. That would be so embarrassing. Help?
  2. Try looking in the zippered pocket inside the bag...sometimes they hide the security tags in there.
  3. I looked in all the pockets and there is nothing in them.
  4. Onetime I was in Gucci while they were remodeling and the sunglasses were kind of moved close to the door, and I was trying them and I didnt even step near the door but i set the alarm off, and there were tons of peopl e in there..god so embarrassing...

    To test the coach bag theory...wear the outfit that you knew you wore with a coach bag in the store, and put all of the stuff in your coach bag into another bag and go in and see what happens.
  5. it's probably your clothes actually.
    Most stores sew in the security tag now, I know GAP and Old Navy do, you have to cut it out. Sometimes you're not noticeable at all.
  6. I found it!! I forgot I bought a wallet at the Coach outlet last weekend and the sensor was stuck in the bottom of one on the card slots. Duh. Thanks for all the help anyway! :blush:
  7. lol, i was going to say that it happens with me when i wear old navy because i always forget to cut off the tag.
  8. That is SO funny! That happened to a male employee friend of mine...he had gone to Target over his lunch hour and set off the alarms...when he got back, I asked if he had anything new on him and sure enough his new wallet still had the security tag in it!
  9. That happened to me before. It turned out that there was a sensor very well hidden in my wallet.
  10. That happens to me a lot when I do a lot of shopping and have bought a lot of things.
  11. Definitely check your bag for any hidden tags. When my mom got one of her LV bags, it was constantly setting off alarms and one day she even got stopped in Home Depot and they looked through her bag to make sure she didn't steal anything!
    Anyway, when I looked in it later, I found that there was a little magnetic strip tag in one of the inner pockets she wasn't using.
  12. Glad you sussed it out.

    I once had a really embarassing situation at the airport with their security!!!!!

    3 attempts ~ I had visions of being bundled off and strip searched. I only had my underwear and a loose fitting dress on. No jewellery, except for an SOS bracelet.

    If it had been at my local airport, I would have been convinced I was being stitched up by a friend who is a policeman there.

    The conclusion they came to: wire in my bra???

    Doubt I will never know. Thankfully.:wtf:
  13. Glad you found it! It can be so embarrassing setting off those alarms, especially when u know u havent done anything wrong!!
  14. Cool, glad you found it!! :okay:
  15. I had that happen recently. I had bought a bag from LV and some jeans at Saks. I think the bag had a little sensor in it but I didn't know it. So every other store I went in the alarm would go off. After the first couple times I just started ignoring it. When I bought something in another store I told the girl ringing me up, "I'm going to set the alarm off when I leave." She said she'd heard it when I came in and sometimes the alarms are really sensitive and who knows what it could be.