Problem with small padded envelope flap

  1. The front plate (with Chanel logo and snap) on my small padded envelope flap is very scratched. It looks awful! I got the bag for a great price (under $600 from $1650) at Saks on 12/26, but I hate how the front plate is a mess. Does Chanel fix these things? What can I do about this? Thanks in advance for your suggestions! I'm feeling so sick right now and I don't know what to do except return the bag.
  2. they should be able to fix it.. you got it at a greta price, even if they wont fix it, list it on eBay or the marketplaza and someone will take it off your hands in seconds.
  3. you could have it polished, it's easy. my cartier santos watch was terribly scratched and i brought it back to the boutique to have it polished, now it looks brand spankin' new!
  4. Did you buy it with the scratched plate or you scratched it after? Wondering why the cheap price for a chanel...
  5. I think that I scratched it after, because it looked fine in the store, but I was in such a sale haze that I wasn't looking closely. I think that Saks marked them down to 30% off, then I found the last one at after-Christmas sale for an additional 50% off. A SA at Neiman's told me that they sold out at full-price. The Chanel store said that they sent extras to some outlet mall. I'm guessing that the style wasn't very popular... no external pockets, limited interior space, etc.
  6. ^ i have the larger version and i love it because it is so spacious and comfy! the smaller size is too small for daily use for me IMO.