Problem with signature stripe flats

  1. Hey girls, I bought a pair of Jasmine signature stripe flats off of a lovely seller from Livejournal a few weeks ago. I wore the flats about 2 weeks ago to a concert in Manhattan and walking around in the rain caused the shoes to give me horrible blisters on my heels. This isn't the first time that this has happened with flats, it usually happens the first time that I wear them, but I tried putting them on yesterday, and they hurt!! I think its the leather that goes around the shoe because it rubs against my heel, but what should I do? I love these shoes and I would hate to have to get rid of them!
  2. That's terrible. I am a sucker for comfort so I have yet to try any Coach flats. I have 4 pairs of other shoes though and those are pretty comfortable. Did you try putting a bandaid on the heel. That helps keep the blisters down sometimes.
  3. I would go to walgreens or lord and taylor or a local drug store will have these little footie things that are no show. get those or when your there by the feet stuff get this mole sticker stuff and then the shoes will not give you a blister, i am assuming you were going barefoot right?
  4. Line them with moleskin!
  5. I second that; it has been the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me.

    Good luck!!
  6. I have 2 pairs of Coach flats & they have never given me blisters, I would definately give them another try. I heard if you put powder on your feet (foot powder maybe even baby powder) that it keeps your foot dry & is less likely to rub & cause as much friction with your foot against the shoe, you might want to try that.
  7. Thanks girls!! I'll try the moleskin, that may be my best option.

    I actually had to buy a pair of those footie sock things at some store, they helped me from getting more blisters, I need to cut them so they don't stick out of my shoes.
  8. Thanks, but I don't think that it will work, because I don't just get blisters, the skin rips open and then it just gets bigger, so I think the moleskin is still my best option.
  9. i tried that blister block thing... not so good.. if a shoe is gonna cause blisters, that is nt gonnna stop it! i would try the moleskin too.. i ve tried coach flats and usually get the same result.. hurts like the dickens!!
  10. ^^That's the only thing that works for me lol.

    Anyway to the OP, definitely try the moleskin!
  11. Exactly!!! My mom wanted me to try that liquid bandaid stuff and it doesn't work, so my poor feet were covered in bandaids and medical tape (to keep the bandaids on) for a week, they looked quite lovely whenever I wore flip flops, lol.

    I'm going to try the moleskin as soon as I can go out and get it, I forgot to ask my mom to get it for me today so I need to go and get it tomorrow or this week.
  12. ^^The blister block is a stick that you rub on and the other one is just a liquid bandage. That one wouldn't work unless you already had cuts etc. on your feet, as it just puts a covering over the wound so dirt can't get in.
    Another thing that works are actual blister bandages, they're in a silver box, if you see them in the first aid aisle. :yes: