Problem with seller retaliation


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Jul 9, 2008
Oh god, I bought a fake Marc Jacobs Venetia from this eBay seller about a month ago. I knew it was fake when I opened the box. It was totally my fault, not fully authenticating first, but her auction stated she offered a refund and I jumped in. Well, the zippers were wrong, interior was wrong, no serial tag--a TOTAL fake bag. The front buckle on the pocket was also broken, but it was almost not noticeable. I told her all this via email. She adamantly denied 1) that it was fake and 2) that it was broken.

I was very nice, tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, that she didn't know, etc. But she refused to give refund. I filed a claim and yesterday Paypal decided in my favor and refunded my money. (It was only $225). They told me to ship the bag back, which I did, in the exact box and condition I got it. Now this woman has filed a fraud claim against me with the Post Office for crying out loud, saying I vandalized the bag, all kinds of insane stuff. She has filed more disputes with eBay, paypal. Noting on my feedback "follow up" "Beware of this buyer." (This after leaving me really nice, positive feedback after I bought it.) It's just a big huge mess.

Let me add that I have purchased several thousand dollars in handbags on ebay in the past 90 days. I pay immediately and have never once had 'buyer's remorse' or done anything but be completely happy with the bags I've gotten. Some are vintage with stains or scratches, some are brand new. Nonetheless, my only issue has been with this FAKE bag. I told the seller that if it was an authentic bag, that MJ repairs would fix it free, so that wasn't even the issue. The bag was FAKE--that is the only issue.

Anyone have similiar experience and could lend me sound advice? I've told both eBay and Paypal that I have all correspondence from and to this seller. I have photos of the bag as I received it and so on. Doesn't stop the headaches though. My first bad experience on ebay in ten years of using it.

Oi. Live and learn.


Feb 1, 2008
Memphis, TN
Sounds like you have done everything right (taking photos, especially). I don't think you have anything to worry about. If the seller has filed a fraud claim with the P.O., they will probably send a Postal Inspector to your home to interview you. Just stick to your guns, show him the photos, and you should be fine.

There also may be a way to leave follow-up feedback in response to hers. If not, I wouldn't worry. Most sellers (me included) would see the original positive and take the follow-up response with a grain of salt. What feedback did you leave for her? I am sorry to say there are many such sellers on eBay who lie and continue lying during a dispute over their shoddy fakes! :tdown: Sooner or later, we all run across one. :yes:

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Sep 22, 2007
Try not to worry, this scammer has probably done this before and you have a good record so they will reach the correct conclusion based on that.


Jul 31, 2008
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I would also notify Ebay about the followup feedback she has left for you.....she is not allowed to leave anything negative under current Ebay rules.

I would not let the threat of filing a claim with the PO intimidate you......have you been contacted by the PO or is it just an empty threat. Whatever the case, you present the details clearly and should have no problem communicating that to the PO inspector if necessary.

Hang in there, sorry you are having to deal with this!