Problem with Roxbury? Would this bug you?

  1. I just noticed some weird creasing on the sides of the bag where the piece folds inwards at the top. My other Rox doesn't have this. Anyone else's have this?

  2. yes, this would bug me and i would exchange it. i just ordered my rox; i'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be as it should.

    where did you get the roxbury?
  3. From an LV in Toronto
  4. that would bug me too .
  5. Would bug me for sure!!!!!!!!!!! Should not be creased like that, its almost a bubbled crease. Take it back and exchange. Just another flawed LV item, so many of them nowadays!
  6. exchange for a PERFECT one!!
  7. that would drive me nuts
  8. gals i have a question, if you bought something on eluxury can you exchange it in an lv store?
  9. This would definitely bother me! I'd return for a perfect one that you'll LVoe!:yes:
  10. oh yeah, that would definitely bother me! i'd go back and exchange it.
  11. I just looked at my Roxbury, and it does not have those creases. I think you should definitely exchange it.

    In terms of eLuxury, no they do not allow you to exchange eLux purchases at the LV stores. You have to go through eLux to do that.
  12. Yup, it would bug me too ... I'd definitely exchange it!
  13. That would really bother me!
  14. definitely ask for an exchange! 800+ bag should not be wearing out so fast like that!
  15. how long have you had it? how hard do you use it? regardless they'll probably approve the request for exchange.