Problem with retail boutique


Sep 27, 2005
Just wanted to see if anyone had had a similar issue...

Several months ago I bought a Gussto black and gold handbag from Searle in NYC. The coloring came off the straps and I brought it back. They refused to return it but said they could send it to the vendor to repair. They told me it would take a month. Over 3 months later, I still do not have my bag. Despite my repeated phone calls and inquiries, the Director of Marketing has been rude and unresponsive. As I am a lawyer, I filed a complaint with the BBB and intend to file an action for breach of contract and conversion as to property with small claims court. However, I don;t know if I will get anywhere.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone had had a similar problem? How did hyou resolve it?


Sep 13, 2005
Damn that sucks :sad: Never had the problem, stores have always been pretty good about servicing my products in a timely manner. I hope your issues get resolved! That is totally unacceptable:suspiciou


Sep 13, 2005
3 months is excessive. And I can't believe their Director of Marketing would be so disrespectful to one of their shoppers. This store clearly doesn't understand how important customer service is to a luxury store. I highly recommend never shopping their again and sharing your story with your friends so they won't shop there either.

From the store's point of view, they don't make the bag so they have no idea how to address your problem. The vendor they sent the bag back to is either taking their sweet time fixing the bag, or have misplaced it entirely. You're very lucky that you know your rights as a consumer and you have taken all the appropriate actions. But, what happens if the retailer shifts the blame to the vendor?


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Sep 13, 2005
I don't think after-sales service is real big with Searle. I have a Kippys belt that I bought there. The silver color was coming off the tip of the belt. I took it back and they sorta shrugged their shoulders. It wasn't a big deal so I fixed it myself with some silver nail polish. It doesn't match perfectly but its really fine.

I have a pre-order with them for an Isabella Fiore bag that isn't due until nearly December. I have my fingers crossed.

Never heard of Gussto....


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Oct 19, 2005
Wow, that's just shameful to have a director of marketing not know how to do business. I'm glad you are filling a complaint with the BBB, so you've got more than just yourself after them !! As there any other management higher up than the director that you can contact ? It may be a case where you have to work yourself up the hierarchy before anything really gets done.


Jan 17, 2006
wickedassin said:
I'd write a complaint letter to their corporate offices. And mention the names of the people that you've been having problems with. I find that usually gets their attention and makes an impression....
I agree - write a letter to the corporate office...address to the head of customer relations, or even to the CEO. That gets attention!
Jan 10, 2006
As a fellow lawyer, I'd maybe hold off on the lawsuit and mentioning that you're a lawyer. Sometimes you get more sympathy when you're perceived as a "regular" customer. At least that's been my experience....

I did some digging... The President/Founder of Searle is Steve Blatt. If you go to and look at their "press" section, towards the end there's a multi-page article from the Tobe Report on Searle and Blatt--find some quotes in there to put in your letter about his philosophy...

Here's a link to their corporate info--hope the link works:

Anyways, if not--Blatt is still the head. His principal executive address is:

119 W 40TH ST, 17TH FL

However, the address listing him as the CEO has this address:

41-21 28TH ST

You could try both addresses and see what happens. The official company's name is SEARLE BLATT AND COMPANY, LTD

I'm sure you have all this info--but I thought I'd post it for anyone else who has had problems with the store. Good luck!