Problem with quality

  1. Has anyone ever had problems with their Dior bags and/or accessories holding up? Everything that I have bought at the Dior store in Boston has fallen apart. I am thoroghly unimpressed with their products. I purchased a pair of sunglasses and the crystals fell off. I also purchased a necklace and it fell apart in my hands one day when I was adjusting it! The SA's at the store were very rude. Also, I have the pink saddle bag and the strap has just broken on it! I did not overly use any of these products either! Just wondering if anyone else has had problems with Dior...
  2. The only Dior bag I have is a gaucho bag and I find the quality of this bad superb. I'm sorry to hear that your bag and accessories are falling apart. You should speak to the store manager about it. Hopefully he/she will make good on it.
  3. I have the Diorissimo Hobo Bag and although I toss it around lots it´s holding up really well. No problems with the quality whatsoever...
    You should really ask the boutique to repair your stuff.
  4. I think you should try to return it. From what I know, Dior has a warranty and if it is still within that time, they are obliged to replace it. I have used a bag exclusively for work and it is still holding up well. Unfortanely, stuff happens and when it does, you should try to get it replaced.

    I do agree with Dior's costume jewely though but I think that's the same for every costume jewelry even designer costume jewelry. Most of it is a little bit flimsy, although pretty but i don't expect it to last. Much as I love Dior, I tend to avoid their costume jewelry range. However, their Fine jewelry is just TDF. ;)
  5. I agree the necklace was quite flimsy to begin with but to have something falll apart in my hands was just unbelievable! I did try to return or exchange the sunglasses and the SA suggested "superglueing" the D back on. As if I know where it fell off! I think Dior's handbags are very cute and it stinks to have this impression of their quality now whenever I goto purchase a new designer bag!
  6. Yikes. Superglueing it eh? Sorry for your experience and yes , I think experiences like that will definitely sour your enjoyment of the bags. I have heard of a few stories of SAs not very helpful in returns/repairs situation. Could it be it's a deduction to their commission? :shrugs: Still not good though to retain customers.
  7. i think everyone's who heard about my saga of my broke gaucho (and the way dior handled it) would really hope that nothing ever happens to their dior. so i do agree with you that in terms of their aftercare service, it's just terribly lacking.

    but the other bags i have from dior have not given me any problems. somehow i get a feeling that there's a slight slump in the quality of designer bags currently. i've read on the chanel forum about how quite a few PFers had problems with the stitching on their cabas and the handles to the luxury bowler, and i think i remember a PFer saying her fendi b-bag had a broken strap/buckle. i was at selfridges' sale and there were so many chloe paddys that were return items because the handle/strap broke. not to mention when i wanted to get a replacement gaucho for my broken one, the only other gold gaucho available was also faulty.

    like you, i love the designs for dior's bags and i guess i'd still readily buy from them. that said, i do agree with the lack of service by SAs sometimes. but generally i'd say i've had more positive experiences with the dior SAs than negative ones.

    p/s Chrystalline, you're so right! was treated icily by the SAs at dior yesterday up until i made the purchase, and then the SA was all sweetness and sugar. today when i called them up, i was given the icy treament again. :rolleyes:
  8. I have to say I have had no problems with anything I've had from Dior so I'm sorry to hear you're having problems.
  9. I haven't had any problems with my Dior bags, but like Zerodross said, every brand has its bad apples. I know that YSL's Muse has stitching that starts loosening at the front of the bag, and it happens to a LOT of them.
  10. I have a Dior handbag which has the cannage stitching and gold coloured metal handles, one of the rings which the handle goes through has come away from the leather and I have only used the bag three times. I am gutted, it cost £1750 about two or three years ago and I have the matching purse which I think now costs around £600. None of my other bags which have the chain handles and which I've had for over fifteen years have ever had a detached metal ring. In fact none of my other bags have ever developed a fault. I take very good care of my bags and the have their own seat in my car. I never overload them nor do I put them on the floor. My Louis Vuittons, Mulberries, Enny, Bridge, and in particular Fendi, Bruno Magli, with the metal chain handles, have been of excellent quality. I can not believe that the ring could come away from the leather I tried to fit it back together but it wouldn't stay. The detached ring makes me feel like I'm carrying a fake, which I can not do.

    Can anyone tell me what Dior's customer service is like. I would hope they are like Costco's.
  11. Why don't you just ask them to reattach? Sounds like an easy fix.
  12. Their customer service is excellent. They should be able to repair your bag.

    I agree. Sounds like an easy fix.
  13. I did thank you very much and it took two months for it to come back from France
  14. Hello everyone,
    I bought this Lady Dior yesterday and I just realize a couple of issues. I am curious if I'm overreacting and wondering if the following problems are normal?

    I noticed a stitching being loose and started flaring out. As well as the patent corners on the top of the bag looks like it may be cracking, only 3 out of the 4 corners are like that.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1421812408.097795.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1421812418.797262.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1421812427.982131.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1421812438.907367.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1421812446.913353.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1421812457.678702.jpg
  15. Snowbubble,

    From some of the pictures I can see the flaring of the thread on the stitching is not as it should be. Some of the pictures are about the finishing of the stitch and seems on the surface fine to me, however for the price of that bag I expect it to be immaculate so you take it back show them the flared thread and get another one.

    Sadly the quality of some of the bags that are being sold now and getting through their quality checking are falling below expected standards and you should complain and if you have time put it in an email to the company. If we don't highlight these issues then the quality issues won't be addressed and some people may not be able to examine their bags as closely as you because of eyesight problems and retain a substandard product.

    I buy my bags because there are beautiful and I believe they are works of art that I can carry around with me. I don't want the stitching on a "premium handbag" to be poor.

    "One day I will design a quality, beautiful, functional handbag where all the profits will go the help the poor"