problem with pochette clès azur

  1. hello, some people told to me that the pochette clès azur if is to contact with the jeans take the colour of the jeans,
    is true?
    i want the pochette cles azur, but i want put the pochette cles or into the bag or attach to the jeans!!!
  2. if you have dark denim (fairly new pair of jeans) it may transfer..I have an azur speedy and there is a little bit of transfer from a dark pair of Seven's I have but its on the leather..i haven't noticed any on the actual canvas.
  3. This is a different bag, but same story. I was carrying my white MC Rita and I noticed that it had color transfer from my denim jeans. I wiped the stain off with Huggies baby wipes!! It was amazing to see!! The stain on the vachetta and the canvas itself came off. I was sooo happy!

    Your azur pochette will most likely get denim transfer if you hang it on your jeans so perhaps you may reconsider doing that and just use it as a bag charm or storage in your bag. Good luck!!
  4. hmmm!!!! i guess when you carry theazur brand , should wear a light color pants... i have my azur and have not use it yet , coz i'm afraid of color transfer or to get dirty , i'm still intimidated to use it.
  5. No problem with my semi-new jeans transferring colour to my Azur pochette.
  6. I think the color transfer happens when you have brand new jeans.
  7. ok thanks!!!
  8. It only happens with new pants that are still releasing dye.You also need to watch out for your sofa with the dark New jeans. My azur speedy is very clean and I wear it alot. If I'm wearing my dark jeans I make sure it's a pair I've washed a few times. Azur is very easy to care for, no special treatment for my bag.