problem with patent leather and need some help!

  1. hi all,
    i have a coach patent leather ergo hobo in red and i just love of my students (don't know who) by mistake put some stickers on it...when i took the stickers off the finish came off of the patent, i brought it to the coach store and they are going to send it off to repair but they don't think that anything can be done about it...i spent SO much money on that bag and i love it; it's one of my favorites! i saved for a while to get, here's the question...does anyone have ANY suggestions at all about calling customer service and talking to them? if they can't do anything for the bag, it's not like i can use it anymore...i kind of want to throw myself at their mercy and see if they would give me some kind of "credit" towards another bag or something...i mean, it's COACH after all and i've been buying from them for THIRTY years!!! shouldn't something be said for customer loyalty?!?!?! what do you all think??? thanks for your help!
  2. I just bought this same bag last. my coach store had one shipped rrom another store. the finish came off from stickers...omg! you would think it would be better made than that...
  3. Hopefully, COACH will be able to accommodate you with a satisfactory solution if they cannot save this one. Unfortunately, Life Happens, but I would BAN all stickers!

    I hope this works out for you, Good Luck!
  4. if coach cannot fix the bag, they offer a discount or a full credit. I think it depends on the situation, but expect your bag back fixed or a call w/ one of the above offers.
  5. what i was told that since it isn't a manufacturing defect that coach can decide to just send me the bag back as is...although i understand that, it just seems to me that being a loyal customer for 30 years might want them t work out something satisfactorily with me...are my expectations too high?
  6. Here's a possible solution: If Coach doesn't/can't help you out (and I tend to think since it's not their fault the bag was damaged, they might not be willing to do much, but that's just my guess)...did you buy the bag with a credit card? Especially with American Express (but others may have it, too), they do offer 1 year buyer protection, so you should check with your card. If a purchase through their card is damaged or stolen, they may offer some recourse. Good luck - I know how ya feel.
  7. Why would you recommend she do a fraudulent charge back? :confused1:
  8. It's not a "fraudulent chargeback" - it's a service that Amex provides for purchases that get damaged within a purchase period. They used to have a commercial for it - a toddler feeds oatmeal into a new DVD player and the buyer protection protected the purchase. It's only offered to cardmembers up to a certain amount annually, and you probably have to show proof of damage/theft/whatever. She would need to call to get the full details and see if the bag would be eligible for coverage.
  9. I don't think I'd be reco'ing "fraud", not to mention on a public forum like this!

    Anyhow, here's a direct quote from the American Express website:
    [​IMG] Purchase Protection Plan3&#8212;Insurance for Your Newest Purchases </B>
    The Purchase Protection Plan will repair or replace the item, or reimburse the amount you charged to the Card for covered items, up to $1,000 per Occurrence, if they are stolen or accidentally damaged up to 90 days from the date of purchase.

    So, depending on when you bought it and how you bought it, you may be able to get some help from your card.
  10. from your first post, it sounded like you were telling the OP to do that. Regardless, I doubt that would apply to this. This was an instance that damaged the nature of the leather beyond control of Coach and the OP. Basically the OP is at a loss that I doubt a credit card company would reimburse for.
  11. If they cover a toddler putting outmeal into the DVD....I can't imagine they'd have a problem with this situation. I don't know if VISA or Mastercard would do anything- but that's the great thing about AMEX, they really focus on customer service. I lost my luggage once and the rep spend over a week helping me track it down, with at least a couple phone calls a day to keep me updated.
  12. kt92, good suggestion by the way
  13. I love AMEX!! I totally agree with kt92. It's not faudulent what-so -ever! It a service that good companies provide to good customers! :true:
  14. Why not? It doesn't specify what type of damages, just that it had to have happened within a certain period of time.
  15. um...what is an "OP?"