Problem with padlock. What do I do? Fixing and Buying Replacement Lock and Key

  1. just got my tobacco Paddington from NP. It is utterly divine and I am swooning with the gorgous butttery smell :heart: :heart:
    But there is a PROBLEM. My padlock won't stay shut its just keeps springing open. It locks but just with the movement of the bag it opens
    Has this ever happened to anyine and how do I fix it PLEASE :sad:
  2. Ok, DON'T touch the lock. Call NAP immediately. My very first paddy, I had some problems with the lock and tried to fix it myself. Bad idea.
  3. ^^I agree. Call NAP and tell them your problem. They should help you out, hopefully. Good luck!!
  4. Also agree, best thing you can do is call NAP. I'm sure they can give you a replacement lock or have your lock fixed. :yes:
  5. I have heard that Chloe can actually just replace the lock and use the same piece of leather to re-wrap it so it will still match your bag.

    Good luck!!
  6. Thanks everyone. I have rung and emailed NP but no reply yet. Its so frustrating as I want to take it 'out' and introduce it to the world but I have to keep the tag on in case I have to return it:cursing:
  7. Same thing happen to me here. I sent NAP 3 email since yesterday but no reply. The problem is i am in malaysia and I gotta sent back to NAP through courier service. This is my first Chloe bag and I am so dissapointed.
  8. awww im sorry to hear that katebar58 and lingling! i know how excited you are to get it & how much youre dying to just use it already once you get it & it sucks b/c now you gotta wait even more. :sad:
  9. Hi Girls,
    You are all such a great help to us newbies. I am thinking about purchasing a paddy resale, but the lock is scratched on the front. Will Chloe replace the lock or can i purchase a new one. The price is great so I would be willing to purchase a new piece of hardware. Does anyone have any info.
  10. Hi mjlover.

    Chloe certainly replace them if the padlock breaks. I think that once you puchased it, you would realise how easy the scratches occur on the padlock, and come to like it as one of the paddy quirkinesses, and keep it that way ;)

    If the bag is a good deal, I would accept the padlock exactly as it is, because even with a new padlock, you would find that it scratches very quickly.
  11. Thanks chloe-babe. Just waiting on some authenticity questions, then I think I will buy it.
  12. if you need any help with authenticity, just post some piccies in the authenticate this section just so that we can help with any questions :smile:
  13. Lingling ring them up and email them again. Stephan from NAP has rung me twice and I am sending back the padlock and hopefully getting a new one. They have been most helpful. Oh and they are paying and organising for DHL to take it.
  14. katebar58 , thanks for the info. NAP did reply my email saying that they could not replace a new one. They did not said that they will pay for the DHL in fact they ask me to sent back the lock to repair. So I went to DHL today and guess how much i paid just for the lock 70 usd!!! So expensive and so unfair, it was NAP mistake and i have to pay for the courier charges. What should i do now?
  15. dear Lingling & katebar58
    I have the same problem, I received my dove bag last week and find that my padlock has a problem. I've order a tan paddy too and the gold bowler, received it today and there is no comparison between the dove padlock and the 2 others.
    For the dove one, i have to insert it very very strongly and almost beat it:smash::smash::smash::smash::smash: to close it (but after, when it is closed, it stay closet).
    I sent an email to NAP.
    It is very strange all these problem with padlocks in the same time !