Problem with new Tattersall Tote (pics)

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was so excited to get my new Bleeker Tattersall tote, I went to my boutique Wednesday to get it....then I noticed something. The pics on the website have the work "Coach" written intermittenly on the pattern. My new tote doesn't have this. Also the Coach label on the my tote is stamped, while the pic on the Coach website shows is totally different, it has the symbol in gold, it's not stamped at all. I just called JAX and they said the one they used for the photoshoot is different than the one they put into production. I think the one on the website is so much cuter!!! What do you think? Should I keep mine? Also, what do you girls usually use these large totes for? I think the straps are not "beefy" enough for me to carry my heavy laptop in the bag. Thanks for your advice!!!
  2. hhmm... I think it's cute, that is really frustrating though that it changed that much... especially with the word coach throughout it.. you would think they would update the pic!! :tdown:
  3. I like the one on the website better. Although, it is still cute. I don't think I could carry a tote this big unless I used it for books or something.
  4. A pet peeve of mine is when the straps are small disproportionate to the size of the bag. Coach had a line a while back, maybe Hampton two or three years ago, the straps were small and it looked wrong as if they would break if you had items in the bag. :shrugs:
  5. aww, what a total ripoff to have the website pic different from the actual product. i definitely like the website pic one better. the word coach on the tattersall is way cute. i still like this tote though. but i'm not sure if i'd keep it because i'd be afraid to get it dirty. i'd probably rather go with a signature strip tote, just because i'm afraid to get the white tattersall dirty.
  6. Nope...I don't like this one...the other one is so much cuter. I would return it, if I were you.
  7. I hate it when Coach does that. To me, it's totally deceiving to show one picture on the website only to produce a different version. It's happened to me before. I'm waiting to purchase a bag that is not on the website yet -- I saw it in the book at the store -- and I truely hope that it is exactly as pictured or I'm gonna be upset as well.
  8. Ugh..
    It's so plain.. I really liked the random Coach written on the random squares.. ><
  9. it looks too plain without the little "Coach"es written all over
  10. That's so retarded that they'd SHOW one item and SEND another. They could've at least put a little disclaimer or something... I like the one on the website better.
  11. I like the one that is out in stores but I had never seen the photo of the one on the website. I do have to admit I like it better. I think the bag might hold quite a bit and I've been debating about ordering it for myself but I don't think you would want to weigh it down day after day with a laptop. You might want to look at the multi-function tote instead since it is made for heavier items. That comes in parchment and the new bronze and gunmetal and would look great.

  12. Thanks for the suggestion! I've been back and forth all day. Most people seem to be saying mine looks too plain. I did put my peace symbol luggage tag on it and it seems to dress it up a bit. I was thinking maybe it would be a good airplane carry-on bag? I could throw a book, bottle of water, and a sweater in it and it wouldn't be too heavy? I'll check out the multi-function tote as you suggested too. :confused1:
  13. I returned mine - it was just too huge. I also thought that it was going to say Coach within the design, just like the ponytail scarf, and was disappointed that it didn't. I also don't think it would work the best as a laptop bag...I like luvshopping's idea about getting a multi-function tote.
  14. hmm I agree with the others that I like the one on the website much better. Those two little changes make quite a difference. Coach should have to pay your return shipping- how can they show you one thing and then ship something different? I wonder if you complain if there is any way for you to get your hands on one of the ones on the website- there has to be at least a few floating out there.
  15. The one on the website may be a prototype. I know there are some out there in other styles, they have a P in the style number. I wonder if they made it in a prototype and then changed the finished product?