Problem with new patent betty-Do I keep it?

  1. Hi all,
    My new medium patent betty arrived today (thanks to the lovely Chloe babe who helped me source one from house of fraser!) and one of the panels is way more 'crinklier' than the others. It's quite creased and the panel next to it is very smooth. This is very noticeable to me, but I'm not sure if I should keep it or send it back.
    I have tried to take photos of it to show what I mean, but it doesn't pick up well on the camera.
    My dilemma is, if I send it back, I may not be bale to get hold of another in this size, but if I keep it, I may go off it because of this.
    What would YOU do??!!! :s
  2. oh gosh, thats a difficult one, do you think once filled out the creases COULD decrease? (perhaps it is how it has been shelved). Because as you know it has been hard to source this bag?

    Saying that, you paid full price, so it would most definitely be worth speaking to somebody to see if a reduction in the price could be given, as the leather is not consistant and to you, noticeable?

    Apart from the crinkle, how do you love the bag? I guess you have to weigh up everything, and could you grow to love this as a quirk which is special to just your bag? And you say its the medium, is the size big enough for you and different enough from the small that you had :smile:

    Only you can know in your heart if this is really going to bother you. I would love to see a piccie maybe under a lamp or something might help show it up more. :yes:
  3. Does it bother you enough that you don't want to carry it? If so, then maybe you should return it. Is another available from the place you got it? There was another post on 2/15 from another member (luvmygirls0) that had the same problem. It does not say what she did though. I know how it is when you really want something and then it is not perfect!! Let us know what happens.
  4. I think when Starlet spoke to the store it was the only one they had, and that is where her big dilemma is :yes:
  5. Thanks. I've called selfridges (again!) and Liberty to see if they have any in and the answer is the same: no.
    I will give the store a ring Chloe babe and see if they are prepared to give a discount, if not then I may have to send it back. :crybaby:
    The size is perfect. It is just the one I wanted, if only the leather was consistent all round. I will try and capture it on my camera to see what you all make of it. xx
  6. oh honey, I feel so sad, I know how much you were looking forward to receiving it. I really hope you fall in love with it.

    Did you actually call Cricket, on the website it is showing a large black patent as one unit in stock? (I know they are not the best at updating) but could be worth another phone call perhaps?

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  7. ^^Yep. Cricket is normally my first port of call anyways as I'm from Liverpool. They said that they can try and order one for me but they are not hopeful. I rang Harrods and also Chloe again-who have said that they will not be re-doing the black patent betty!!!

    I've decided, with a heavy heart that I must send it back. I took the bag outside and it does look quite obvious, even my boyfriend has noticed it.

    I suppose it means that I can definitely get my white quilted bay!
  8. Great news! They have another in stock! I will be able to exchange it. I am so pleased but just wish that I lived near the store so that I could inspect it in person. Thats the best part of getting a new bag!
    The SA said the leather was perfect all the way round, but I am a bit nervous in case her idea of 'perfect condition' is very much different to mine! xx
  9. This is great news!!!
  10. I was the one who had a similar problem with my patent Betty satchel in chocolate.

    Mine was from Intermix Online, and they did not have another to exchange it for. I brought it to Chloe at South Coast Plaza, and they felt it was a manufacturing defect, so I reported that to Intermix. Intermix eventually gave me an extra 10% off for the defect, and the bag was already on sale at $799 plus the 10% off for being a new customer - so the bag cost me under $700. I think it's a fair trade for that price!

    Sorry to hear that someone else had a similar issue. I'm glad it's getting resolved for you, though. :yes:
  11. i'm so glad you were both able to work it out!
  12. I was so excited to get the parcel and then went straight to dissapointment when I noticed the leather. I was told when I ordered it that it was the last one and so to hear that there is another and that it is HOPEFULLY in perfect condition, I was over the moon! I have to wait till wednesday to get it as I have to take the damaged one back first. I am all anxious about the condition of the new one as I could not bear it to get all excited about this one and then it turns out to be damaged like the last one. It is also all the hassle of having to package it up to send it back.

    luvmygirls-I'm glad you managed to get a good deal with yours. I have never been lucky enough to get a chloe in the sale!
  13. Personally would return it if it wasn't perfect. They don't give these bags away, they cost a lot of money to have imperfections! Unless, of course, it is a particularly hard to find model (which it doesn't sound like the case).

    Anyhow, I hope that th new one they send you is perfect. You were right to send it back.
  14. Good choice on the return decision. If something bothers you on a bag, doesn't matter what it is - your eye will always go directly to that spot.
    Great news on the second one coming your way.
    Post photos when it arrives.
  15. I returned the damaged one and the repacement should be here on wednesday. I just HOPE it is in perfect condition as I am tired of the hassle!
    I will post pics as soon as I get it. xx