Problem with new Miu Miu Coffer......HELP!

  1. I just received my new black Miu Miu coffer from Saks and find that the front closure doesn't stay closed. Also, the key doesn't seem to lock the front closure either. Has anyone else had this problem?:sad:
  2. I would send it back......thats not normal!
  3. yes send it back and get another one
  4. I had to send mine back too (from a different store). Found the closure very hard to work with. It wouldn't latch easily. I don't deal well with cumbersome items, so for now had to pass on the coffer.
  5. Sorry you received one that was defective. I would try to call them, and have an SA test the closure before sending out another.
  6. this is the same issue with my coffer. unfortunately, i got the bag for christmas, and flew out of the country on the same day (my mom wouldn't give it to me UNTIL christmas morning!), so i never got the issue resolved. i just don't close the bag. it isn't my first choice of how to deal with the situation, but i was gone for well over a month on holiday, and was over it once i got back. it has led to a lot more scratching on the base of the closure, but other than that doesn't bother me much.

    all of that said, if i'd realized the issue before i left, or had time to deal with it, i most definitely would have sent it back. i have other black bags i rotate, so i'm not horribly hard on my bags, but that doesn't mean i shouldn't have the option.
  7. Thanks everyone. I am going to contact my SA first thing on Thursday for an exchange. I hope they have another one in black as it was hard for me to locate this one. We'll see...............:sweatdrop: