Problem with New Denim Striped Tote

  1. My daughter in Law received from her husband a Denim striped tote for her Birthday a 3 weeks ago.

    She noticed today that there are a few little strings sticking up around the very top of the tote in a few places. Upon further inspection of her Beloved Tote she noticed there are little holes where the purse is stiched around the top of the tote from the sewing--does this make since? It looks like it will also cause more little strings to apear aroung the top of the tote --kinda like Fraying. Also the Denim Fabric in area's look like it has white pilling from rubbing against her clothing.

    For the $300 her husband spent for this Tote she is very disapointed and wants to take it back and exchange it for another style. Will Coach let her take if back after being used for 3 weeks? Is it Defective?

    She has had several Coach Purses and has never had any problems with the Quality until now.

    Anyone else have this problem with the New Denim Handbags? :sad:
  2. It's definitely defective. She should absolutely take it back.
  3. I had one pilling at first...I returned it for it was weird and pilling too and they replaced it..I am not too keen on it now...worried...but they reassured me...and I have not worn it as yet..thanks for that info, on that. I watch the is not as good as thr leather at times as in workmanship and evenness at of the C's as of lately...Good luck, have her bring it back...she should be happy. They will exhange it or give her a gift card..
    Hope it works out for her.
  4. I never carry fabric bags at all, but I did buy the medium denim tote and will watch for pilling. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  5. I dont have any problems w/ pilling and I have had mine for 2 weeks! There are alot of girls that have had problems w/ this bag so I am constantly STARING at it and waiting!!! is just horrible that Coach makes such a pretty bag and so many people are having issues w/ it...they need to boost their QC now b/c this is a problem. Let us know what happens!
  6. Bumping :smile:
  7. I've had mine for maybe 4 weeks (and I've used it 3 weeks out of the 4) and I haven't noticed anything so I would take it back to the store and see what they think. I will keep an eye out as well and post if I find something.
  8. i have that same problem with the signature stripe, the ladies at COACH compared it with the floor model and said it may be normal. should i take it to another coach store and if it's been used will they tke it or exchange it? i've carried it a week..
  9. My daughter in law took the Denim Striped Tote back to the Coach Store today and they let her return it. She told them she only had it a few weeks and had the receipts and Tags which her husband had paid full price for.

    She then purchased the Large Denim Linen Carly using her PCE Card. She spent a hour trying to pick the right purse to exchange it for. She is very happy with the Denim Linen Carly. ;)
  10. Thanks for the heads-up!