Problem with NET-A-PORTER order - Pigalle Plato

  1. Hi everyone,

    I know I dont post much at all but I am quite a board reader. I experienced a problem with my Pigalle Plato 120mm nude patent pumps from NET-A-PORTER and I just wanted to let you know about my problem.

    I know the simple and obvious solution is to try returning the shoes but unfortunately I live in Canada and a return also involves paying duties and customs which would be almost $400.00 to return and receive a new pair. This is very unfortunate since I did not make any mistakes in the size - the shoes fit!

    Here is what I've copied and pasted from my email to customer service:

    This is my third order of Christian Louboutin shoes from Net-A-Porter and I have not encountered any problems with the previous two orders. I have also ordered clothing multiple times without any issues. *However, I am very disappointed with the packaging and most of all, the quality of the latest order of shoes for a number of reasons.

    1. The Christian Louboutin box was dented. There is a noticeable bend in the side of the box. This was not due to mailing as the post box did not have any dents on it. I have not had this problem with previous orders.

    2. The packaging of the shoes was very sloppy. The tissue paper was not covering the shoes. The plastic stick that holds the stuffing in the toe box was missing on one shoe and there was no stuffing in the other shoe. This plastic stick was thrown carelessly in the box against the shoe. Also the "will not accept returns if removed tags" were thrown around in the box under the tissue paper and over the shoes. Because the shoes were poorly packaged and did not have any stuffing in the box at all the shoe looks deformed along the heel and the toe. There was also a long hair that appeared to belong to a lady in the box and on the shoe; this is unsanitary.*

    3. *There are many fine but very noticeable scratches on the soles of both shoes. This was not the case with previous orders; in fact previous shoes were glossy and did not have a single scratch. They appeared to have been worn for a period of time. To my knowledge Net-A-Porter does not accept shoes that have been worn or have scratches on the soles of the shoes. I am wondering why I have received shoes that have been obviously worn

    4. The plastic heel on the left foot is damaged. It is scratched up the side to the point that the plastic is peeling off and the side of the heel has been deformed because of the plastic that has been scratched off. This type of damage appears to look as if someone scraped the shoe on pavement which caused the plastic to scrape off.
    NET-A-PORTER's return policy clearly states:

    Items should be returned new, unused, and with all NET-A-PORTER and designer garment tags still attached. Returns that are damaged, soiled or altered may not be accepted and may be sent back to the customer.

    In particular for shoes:

    All shoes must be tried on a carpeted surface until you are certain you are keeping them. Shoes should be returned unmarked and in their original, undamaged shoe box as this is considered part of the product. Shoes that are returned without a box, in a damaged box or with marked soles may not be accepted, and may be sent back to the customer.

    I have read your policy on faulty items. However, these shoes do not appear to a faulty item but instead, *a used pair since I found a human hair in the box, along with scratches on the sole and the tearing along the heel. Also, the protective packaging was partially missing. In previous orders, NET-A-PORTER placed a printed note with their return policy under the lid of the shoe box. This was also missing in my recent order which suggests that it was thrown away.*

    All of the rules in the return policy have been clearly violated by the previous purchaser. I do not think it Is fair that I was tricked into purchasing a pair of used shoes. I would not have spent any money at all but I have spent nearly 1000 dollars on used shoes with damage and trashed packaging.*

    I understand that customers are allowed to return items, but according to your return policy I should not be able to recognize that I have received a pair of returned shoes. That is, the returned shoes should have been in a perfectly new state. The shoes I received are clearly used - not just tried on but used with damage.*

    If I assume that NAP and its staff*follow the rules outlined in the NAP return policy, it suggests that*the shoes were not checked by NAP staff prior to being listed as available on the website which therefore allowed me to unknowingly purchase a pair of previously used shoes. *

    I am very unhappy and disappointed since these shoes were purchased for an upcoming wedding.

    *One of the reasons I purchase from NAP is because of their perfect packaging and quality of their items that I have received in orders prior to my recent order. In fact, a pair of black Pigalle 120mm patent pumps that I purchased from NAP in summer 2009 and which I have worn several times since are in better condition than the shoes I have just purchased and have not worn.*

    What can be done about this? This is unacceptable. I feel like I have been set up and forced to purchase and accept a pair of used shoes since, according to the return policy, the shoes I have been sent have violated all of the rules, meaning that I should have never received such a used and damaged pair in the first place. Because of this mistake that the returns department has made in accepting the previous purchasers return, I was shipped a used pair and now the used shoes with damage have been sent to me and I have been set up to appear as if I have have used and damaged the shoes.*

    ---------- this is basically all of the email besides my order number and name etc.

    Has anyone experience such an issue? I will have to post pictures but I do not have access to the camera until Saturday.

    Thanks for reading :smile:

    P.s. I am not typically a complainer and I never return items because I research sizes and look at various pictures. This is in fact my very first and only complaint. I am actually shocked and upset that I wasted money on these shoes!
  2. Could you post pics? My first advice is to take pictures to document the damage.

    The denting of the box and poor packaging is not a surprise but can happen. But it clearly seems to me that you have received a pair that have been returned. It may be a big hassle, but the shipping company Fedex/UPS can help you recouperate your customs fees if you choose to return. will cover the costs for return shipping. You just need a return authorization number from them. It will take about 2-3 weeks after they receive the return for the credit to make it into your account.
  3. Well I am concerned that what seems to be a legitimate complaint is somewhat overshadowed about your complaining about a dented box (packaging is there because it is meant to protect a product - it is perfectly acceptable for packaging to be damaged but the product itself should be immaculate). It doesn't sound at all like the shoes you received are used - it sounds like they were tried on, maybe worn around the house? But not as immaculately packaged as a never-returned purchase.

    I agree with Dessye, please post pictures, it's very hard to tell. I hope you've sent pictures to NAP.

    Also, regardless of shipping charges and duties etc., if the product is damaged, NAP are legally obligated to refund you the purchase and shipping - it is quite distinct from returning because of change of mind. Not sure what the status on duties is.
  4. actually, having had issues with dented/broken boxes with NAP in the past, they actually consider the box "part of the product" so they will answer that issue i believe as well.

    OP, post pictures please. if the damage is repairable by a local cobbler, i would suggest asking NAP for a discount to pay for this (if you like the item otherwise). it might be less of a hassle than returning.

    re: everything else -- i'm actually mostly grossed out by finding a hair in the box :yucky:

  5. I completely agree with Dessye and 5elle :yes:

    I'm also from Canada and I've ordered many times from NAP before. They're FANTASTIC. Of the times that I've had issues, they've always been very accommodating. It's really not too much of a hassle to get your money back with duty, customs, and shipping. You just need to make a few phone calls.
  6. Thank you all for the very kind and helpful replies!

    Unfortunately I will not be able to take pictures of the shoes until Saturday and I promise to post pictures right away.

    With regards to the dent in the box - it is actually more than just a dent but s full out crease or bend in the middle side of the box. NAP specifically states that the box is part of the shoes and that boxes are part of the shoe and therefore the same return policy applies.

    The shoes certainy appear to be more than just tried on in the house on a carpet. It seems impossible to scratch the plastic off of a shoe heel on anything other than pavement or concrete. Wood floors or tile floors would not likely do this.

    I understand that some people might think I'm making a big deal - and if I wore the shoes out of the house myself and this happened I'd consider it normal use. But I did not. I was under the perfectly acceptable assumption that I was purchasing a new, never been used (only tried on) pair of shoes.

    As for communication with NAP, I have not yet received a reply from them. I will continue to check my email periodically throughout the day.
  7. For what it's worth, Barbie, I don't think you're overreacting. No matter how much money someone has in the bank, when you pay nearly $1,000 for one pair of shoes I think it matters to all of us that the entire experience be satisfactory to the buyer. I would be bummed if the box was significantly damaged. I may be able to overlook it, though, if the shoes are in the perfect, new condition for which I paid. However, the issues with the shoes themselves would really have me steamed. Had I purchased the shoes at a discount, I may be able to overlook it. But at full pop, I want perfection!!! Best of luck and keep us posted.
  8. Thank you very much :smile: it means a lot and makes me feel much better that you and some of the other ladies here understand and feel the same way!

    I totally agree with you though. I'd overlook the box if the shoes were packaged neatly and were in perfect condition - then I'd say "well I didn't buy the shoes for only the box!" but the whole experience was very sloppy and very unlike NAP which, as ive said before, really surprised me. Previous orders have been absolutely perfect. In fact I have payed the extra 20 shipping (over free shipping at Neiman Marcus for example) because NAP has always been wonderfully packaged and the products have always been in great condition. I also love their black boxes! Haha they're great for nail polish storage btw ;)
  9. NAP is very accommodating. You need to call them. They will ask for pictures of the damage - email them. NAP will typically offer you a 10% discount... Ask for 20%. I've gone through this with them before, it's no biggie fry babe. They'll work with you. :yes:
  10. You see, for me the opposite would apply. If the shoes arrived in perfect condition but were sloppily packaged I would be inclined to let it go (even though I get the disappointment - it's nice to be spoiled with ribbons etc).

    The key thing here is the condition of the shoes themselves and I look forward to the pictures. I'm not sure what you mean by the plastic on the heel being scratched (is the patent ripped?). I'm not at all saying the shoes are not damaged, but without pics it's so hard to make a judgement.
  11. Yes, I agree with what you're saying! What I mean is that while I am dissapointed with the packaging, I might have gotten over it if the shoes were in good condition.

    The plastic part is that heel piece. I don't know the proper term but they are replaceable (they come with extras in the mini bag). That was completely ruined and scratched up and worn out. The extras in the bag also look used as well.

    Does anyone think it might have been someone working for NAP? I mean their return policy seems very strict and I have not heard of this happening to anyone before. In fact, I've seen people complain that NAP didn't accept their unworn merchandise!
  12. Oh the heel tips/taps. Well, they can show wear from wooden or tiled floors but if they look like they have been worn outdoors then they probably have.

    I really think a NAP employee is the least likely suspect in this case to be honest. Sounds like they were returned and not inspected thoroughly. What's the red on the sole like? That's the real tell tale.
  13. On a related note (though with a less expensive item), I desperately wanted a LAMB Morgan Campbell clutch about 7 months ago, but they were sold out everywhere. I actually would click on the purse at the Zappos site everyday, just wishing one would come available. Then, one day, voila!! It said they had one to purchase. I thought I was going to faint! I snatched it up and waited impatiently by my front door for a couple of days. When it arrived, I tore into the box and quickly examined it. I was heartbroken at the obvious wear to the bag. The corners of the patent were worn. It was NOT new. So I called Zappos and complained. I told them it was clearly used and could they check why one had suddenly become available. Sure enough, someone had recently returned it. Zappos return policy is 365 days with receipt! So, the person who had it before I bought it clearly had her way with the bag and decided she'd used it up...and returned it (tacky!).

    I returned it, got a $30 credit coupon and had to get over the bag. The reason I mention this experience is becasue I'm sure the error fell on a Zappos warehouse employee who didn't bother to carefully inspect the item after it was returned. It sounds like that may be the case with your shoes? I've never dealt with NAP before, but you and the other posters seem to have had wonderful experiences with them. Based on all the rave reviews of NAP, it sounds like they'll work with you. Like the other ladies, I would love to see pics of the damage.
  14. My Brandaplatos I got yesterday were poorly packaged and missing one of the tags AND shoe taps. I immediately called NAP and informed them of the issues and they noted it on the return. If you contact them they should arrange something for the return AND be sure to ask for a large discount or coupon.

  15. if they consider the box a part of the item, then there is no reason you should not complain or be upset.

    if YOU returned an item in a manner they thought was less than satisfactory, would they cut you any slack? absolutely not. they should be held to the same standard that they demand.