problem with my twiggy!

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  1. i jsut got my twiggy but the thing is, compared to my first, the handles are more creased.. like it feels rougher inside.. and also the holes where they put the thread thru, it's kinda too big, has the leather on ur guys' ripped from where they punched the hole before? like for mine, i see a little tear, and i'm scared the the leather will tear eventually, and i didn't pay 1k for tat! HELPP
  2. Oh dear, you should post some pix, I think that would help in assisting you. Don't worry sometimes it seems worse than it really is, especially when it comes to our own bags.
  3. Oh, sorry to hear you're not happy with your new bag.:sad:
    Is it from a store? Can you return it? $1K is a lot to spend on something you are not happy with.
  4. i can't post pix cux i don't have he program in my comp n yeh it's from aloha rag! i htink after jumpei left they're not as careful anymore?.. i d k! but exchagning it in alhoa rag also cost money you know?