Problem with my Tattersall Ponytail Scarf

  1. I just purchased the Tattersall Ponytail scarf last week. I haven't worn it, and I noticed when I went to wear it today, that there is a major snag and a run in it. I'm pretty bummed because I love it. I'm going to have to return it now but I'm afraid to get a new one because the snag problem might show up with my new one. Has anyone had any trouble with their scarves getting snags and runs in them?
  2. My Legacy stripe ponytail scarf had a snag in it when I bought it and I just exchanged it. I've worn my scarves a fair number of times and have never snagged them. I don't wear them on my bags though.
  3. I wear them in my hair, so I doubt they'd get snagged on anything like they might if they were hanging on a bag. I just didn't know if it was a common thing with the scarves. I really do love it, so I'll probably get another and hope for the best. Thanks!
  4. I have one that has a snag on it, the stripe one. It bumbs me out everytime I see it... You just have to be very careful with your nails and rings.
  5. I've got Coach scarves old and new. I wear them in every way imaginable and have never had a single snag or run. You should definitely return it, it most likely had the run when you purchased it.
  6. I noticed after I got my legacy ponytail scarf it had a snag on it. :sad:

    Oh wells.. It's tied around my bag.. so it's not noticable. XD