Problem with my Spy - advice needed please....

  1. Hi all!

    I recently recieved a Spy which I bought via a highly reputable and excellent seller on eBay. :love:

    The bag is pristine and never used but there is a problem with the flip lid on the spy compartment (the smaller, weaved compartment). The lid doesn't stay shut and flips open all the time :sad: The seller was very reasonable indeed and gave me a partial refund and I am happy to "wedge" the compartment closed which can be done easily.....but now I am thinking of getting the problem fixed.

    Because I don't have a receipt or anything, will Fendi help do you think?

    Or have any of you had a similar problem and know how to fix it?

    Or should I just leave it as it is - wedged shut? Would it bother you guys?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. That happens alot...its so irritating! Im sure you can have it repaired! Just tell them its a gift. I think its well worth getting repaired as it will drive you crazy otherwise!
  3. Actually, it's easy to repair with an eyeglass repair kit. Just use the tiny screwdriver in the kit, and tighten each screw on the side of the spy mirror cap.
  4. Thank you for your advice :flowers:

    I will try and fix and if not successful I will take to the store :yes:
  5. Oh that happens a lot I think! Try to repair it, and if not just take it to the store. Hopefully they can help you.
  6. My local stores don't usually help with repairs unless they know it's from a Fendi Store. Hopefully, those over at your side will be more helpful.
  7. I don't use my spywand compartment at all, so wedging it shut would not personally bother me.

    That being said, if you don't mind making the repair yourself, check to see why its not staying closed. If there is a small bump catch on the wand side, and a lip to catch it on on the interior spy lid side, perhaps the wand was slightly crushed, and just needs to be expanded back to its original position (can be done with a metal object, like the end of a piece of silverware). If the small bump/catch on the spywand is gone or damaged you might be able to fix with a small dab of cold weld product, like JB Weld, or take it to a jeweler for a more professional look. If the spy lid is damaged where the lip/catch is, perhaps jeweler you fix by welding a catch or correcting problem...:yes:
  8. Lots of great ideas there - thank you so much :flowers:

    I will investigate......
  9. That's a bummer about the compartment not staying shut, but that's so awesome that the eBay seller gave you a partial refund because of it. It's so rare to hear of a seller doing the right thing, rather than ripping somebody off. So lots of good juju for that seller. :smile: