problem with my speedy..

  1. Hi @ all
    I have since 9 th july a mono speedy 30 and I love it sooo much, unbelievable. I have every minute a eye on it, because I dont know that the handles getting dirty. I know that after time come the vachette, but now I have little dirty marks on the handles.

    I think its normal or?
    but can I do anything to make it better ? what are your experience?

    thanks for your help:crybaby:
  2. Hi there,

    It is absolutely normal! Just oils and dirt from your hands will do this. With a bag that new I would just recommend that you continue to use it...and as you do the leather will darken and the marks will blend in!!!

    I would not recommend using baby wipes on such a new bag because you could make the leather darker just by doing that!!!

    But don't's absolutely normal! After a couple days you'll forget all about it! Remember...those things make a bag unique and make it yours!!!!
  3. Hi, you could wipe them with baby wipes but this would mean they get a tiny bit darker or you could just leave them and over time they will look normal. This is a normal process, when you are hot the sweat/oils from your hands when carrying a bag like this goes on the handles and causes patina and sunlight also does.
  4. had that same problem here and made a mistake of trying to get rid of it. I'm just patiently waiting for it to turn so it'll blend :smile:
  5. *Snap* Twiggers lol :p
  6. Just let time age your vachetta. Am sure it will fade.
  7. invest in baby wipes, they go a long way !! Good luck!
  8. try holding your bag on the crook of your arm from time to time :tup:
  9. do you clean the actual bag with the baby wipes too?
  10. I think the handles look actually really good whent they have been handled.