Problem with my ron rons! :(

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  1. For my first pair of ron rons, I sized up half (like my decolletes). They're stunning! But... I have heel grips on both and they STILL slip off my feet. I think that if I put a foot petal in the front, then it might be too tight. Should I take the heel grip out and find a thicker padding to put in? Any suggestions? The last time I wore them, I swear I probably looked like a twelve year old playing dress up, I could barely walk. I think next time, I'll stay TTS for my ron rons and stretch out the toe box. I'm so sad... :crybaby:
  2. So sorry thoang! Pictures of how big the gap is? Can you return them or are they an ebay find?
  3. Sorry about this! I'm not good with big shoes, I always end up selling them.
  4. Foot Petals ball of foot pads aren't too thick, so maybe it's worth a try? I don't think they will make the toe box too tight.

    I went TTS with my Ron Rons, and they are perfect for me. 1/2 size up would've definitely been too big.
  5. They were an ebay find cllover. I would sell them Lauren but I love my glittarts too much. :P Hmm... I guess I should try the foot petals at the ball and see how they go. I guess I rather too tight (and stretch) then slippage.

    Oh yeah, I'll try to get pictures asap. Been so busy and lazy these days. :P
  6. Definitely try the pads rilo suggested. They work really well because they keep your feet from sliding forward. Hope you can make them work! :flowers:
  7. My new pigalles have the same problem, and I'm waiting for my foot petals (tip toes and heel grips) to arrive in the mail. I'll let you know how mine turn out!
  8. oh no! I hope you can make them fit with the foot petals.
    I bet this is going to happen to me - I ordered half size up from my regular CL size and they're in the mail. I bet they're going to be too big now, grrrr!
  9. you could try thicker padding, but it sounds like they are too large! i would go down a half size.
  10. I've noticed that my Ron Rons feel kinda long too and I went 1/2 size up. I did try TTS but the toe box was tight it was kinda hurt to get my foot in. I would probably use some Dr. Scholls half insoles for the front.
  11. I hope you can make them work!!! I was told that a good cobbler can actually insert insoles for you under the original insole (does that make sense?) and that would help make your shoe fit. Hope you find a solution.
  12. My right Declic has this problem, since my right foot is nearly half a size smaller than my left and I have narrow heels. I asked my cobbler for options, and what he ended up doing is inserting a foam wedge under the insole at the heel, and left in the heel grip that I already had in there. The wedge pushes my foot up just enough to give me a little bit of a better grip. If you don't want to go to the cobbler for them yet, you might try putting the footpetals haute heel pads in there to try it out.

    I also use the tip toes in all of my 120's to keep my feet from sliding forward and crushing my pinky toes. They're fairly thin, so even in shoes that are pretty tight in the toebox, they don't cause them to be a lot tighter - they just give some extra traction.
  13. Sorry to hear that thoang! I have the same problem when I size up but usually a heel grip fixes that. I aslo use the Tip Toes in my Rolandos and like rilo said, they aren't too thick. They also seem to flatten out a little with wear. You could also try cutting another heel grip in half and put add it to the sides of the heel, that might make them a little tighter but won't push your foot further into the toe box. Good luck, I hope you can make them work!
  14. Wow! Sorry about that. I went up a full size in mine!