Problem with my new Pigalles

  1. Hi all! I just received my black patent leather pigalle's and they are a tad too big. I bought them off eBay without trying them on before and I can't return them. I was just wondering if you ladies had any idea what I could do to keep my feet from slipping out? Anything I could try that would help! Thanks!
  2. You could try putting an insert in the back to keep them from slipping out.
  3. You can use heel grips or put a half insole in the shoe to make them fit better
  4. try those gel insoles and heel grips..hope that helps..
  5. Here's a picture of where you can put the FootPetals to 'fill-in' your shoe.

    At the heel and the top of the toe box, use Heavely Heels.
    -This will lessen the space by the toes (as if a smaller size)
    At the footbed, use Tip Toes.

    HIH... :flowers:
    pigalle patent black-marked up.JPG
  6. I like your diagram, xnplo! Where do you buy Heavenly Heels? I've only ever used the footpetals ones from Nordstrom, or the drugstore ones. Thanks!
  7. Thanks!
    Here is their website:

    Their prices are fair, but I've found there are better deals on eBay--especially from sellers that offer discounts on multiple sets.

  8. Thanks everyone! xnplo I will definitely be trying out your solution. I hope it works! I'll let you guys know how it works out and I'll be sure to take pics!
  9. Otherwise, resell on Ebay (you might be able to make some $$), and buy a half size down.

    That's what I'd recommend. Those are pretty high heels to risk your foot slipping out at an inopportune moment!
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