Problem with my new bag

  1. Ok, so I had a post about my new duffle that I bought about a month ago. Well the first day I wore it, I noticed a cut on the side of the bag. I was thinking that maybe I cut the bag when I opened the box. But I realized that the bag was inside of a coach box inside of a brown box. So that couldn't be right.

    So at work, my coworker noticed another cut on the other side. Now I know there is a problem with the bag. So I go to Coach today and then I see ANOTHER box cut on the bottom of the bag.

    They told me that the bag that I paid full price for was actually an irregular bag that should have been destroyed. I couldn't believe it. They told me that if there were one scratch they would have sent it to outlet (it had an outlet tag on the inside and I didn't even notice it), however since there were 3 cuts.

    Since I didn't have the receipt on me, they had to call the store I bought it from to prove I actually paid full price for it. So they apologized and have overnighted a bag to the store for me. This way I'll be able to check the bag while they are there and decide if the bag is ok.

    I'm just so upset that they would send me that bag. I'm flabbergasted.
  2. :wtf: I've never heard of anything like that happening before!! Do they have any idea how an irregular bag was sent to you in the first place? They should have given you some kind of discount for your trouble, IMO.
  3. That's terrible! I agree that they really should have offered you some kind of discount or even a coupon for future purchases for your trouble. Maybe you can talk to a manager and come to some kind of understanding or call the 800 number to get something worked out.

    I think it is a great idea to have the bag sent to the store so you can examine it there first, but it's sad that it is even necessary. I hope the new one is perfect!
  4. Wow! I am so sorry that happened to you. I agree they should of given you a coupon or something for the trouble they caused. Well at least you get a new one!
  5. The crazy things that happen. I ordered a wristlet and when I opened the box a wallet was enclosed. As it gets closer to the holidays I bet even more errors occur people get busy and don't pay close attention.
  6. Yea I hadn't even noticed all the extra scratches. My friend had to point them out to me. I really just wanted the problem fixed.

    I did sorta feel like they thought I was trying to bluff them a little bit, but they know me. I purposely went to that store because that's where I normally buy my items. It just happens I went to a store about a half an hour away a month ago and ordered that item.

    Maybe I should have asked for a discount, but I didn't really know I was entitled to one. I mean honestly, I would have kept the bag if they would have given me a couple hundred dollars discount. But this gives me incentive to go to the outlets since this bag was "bound" for the outlet (even though it had just come out).
  7. WOW Erika! I wonder how that bag passed inspection and got into a box for shipping! That's HORRIBLE.

    at least they resolved the problem promptly... though a discount would be nice. Ah well!
  8. That's disturbing to hear!
  9. Ok, Coach called to let me know my bag is in. I'm going to pick it up today I think or maybe I'll wait til Saturday. Do you think I should ask to be compensated?
  10. I really do. To me, this isn't just trying to take advantage of a situation. You were sent a grossly defective bag that wasn't even acceptable for outlets. You had to make an additional trip to return the bag, and now you need to make an additional trip to pick up the new bag. Your trust in Coach has been compromised. The least they can do is offer you some compensation for all the trouble you have gone through. They ought to view it as a good faith offering as an attempt to keep your trust and your future business. I used to manage a retail store (in my college days), and I would think that any manager would go out of their way to make a customer in your situation happy.
  11. ^^Agree 110%! Make sure to let the SA know that you are a loyal and frequent consumer of Coach products. Good Luck!! :yes:
  12. oh wow!! thats soo unusual, i cant believe they actually let something like this happen? surely someone should have seen it in the store.. hmm glad to know they sent you a new one! (regardless, if it has 3 cuts or more, they should give you a new one regardless if it was from the outlet or the store)