Problem with my mongram bags !!

  1. I was looking at my monogram collection today and I noticed that some of my bags have scratches on them. How can I take the scratches out? I tried rubbing it, but it wouldnt come off.. Help!! Im afraid to rub anymore cos im scared the monogram print would become blurred or something. What do i do?

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    Also, off topic: Is the Bosphore Backpack any good?
  2. Has some other color rubbed on to them or what?
  3. Nope, just a scratch. I got it when i stood up and my bag scraped against the table.
  4. oh no! why not call 866 vuitton and ask?
  5. :yes:
  6. I have several pieces of monogram luggage and there are scratches on them from usage.

    Basically, the canvas is coated with plastic. Once the plastic scratches off, it's basically impossible to restore it to it's original condition.

    There is bound to be some scratches eventually on your bags, I think they look even better and shows character - learn to love them! :smile:
  7. I would say without seeing pic's its because you use the bag. I have two marks on my speedy 25 they are so small you have to look for them. but its because the bag has been used. I think its normal wear.
  8. ask sa at the boutique.
  9. If it is a colored scratched from a white wall or paint of some kind, I have acutally used a scour pad and removed mine w/o a problem:smile::smile: (green cleaning pad from SOS)
  10. Sorry to hear that the monogram had some scratches
  11. :yes: ....but sometimes they can be buffed out. Bring them into the store and they can help you.
  12. You could try Vinylex to protect the canvas.

  13. ITA! Is that you in the pic? you look fab if thats you!:nuts:
  14. A deep cut or surface scratch?
  15. Are they small white scratches?