problem with my first bulga bag from NM

  1. hi everyone, I'm new here. :yes:
    I'm not a huge handbag collector:sweatdrop: and know little about design bags:confused1: . So this place really help me a lot about those bags.:wlae:

    But I have a question about bulga. I just got a bulga bag from NM yesterday. It's a pudding small tote and I like it so much. :yahoo: But when I received it yesterday, I was disappointed since I could not find a tag on it, unlike Marc by MJ or LV,etc. I'm afraid that maybe I got a used one from NM :cursing: .

    Since I haven't bought bulga before, I wonder whether there is a tag on each bag to prove it "bulga"?
  2. What tag do you mean? Like those controller cards? I have the bulga pudding small tote from NM as well (in navy). Got it in October. I don't have tags either. Inside there's a bulga label though. Now I'm curious too whether it's suppose to have tags!
  3. Mine didn't have tags either, just a leather name label on the inside.
  4. It's my first time to buy a bulga bag. I once got a bag of Marc by MJ from NM and there is a tag on it so I take it for granted.
    Sorry that I made you confused. :sweatdrop: