problem with muse lock ;(

  1. i unlocked my muse lock and for the life of me, cannot get it to lock again. i swear i've tried every combination and can't get it. it's so frustrating and i feel like an idiot. someone mentioned that the key needs to be in the lock? is that true? i don't want to have to bring it back to nm for them to send back to ysl..:cursing:
  2. Yes, you have to put the key in the lock and twist it while you holding the 2 together .. hope it works :smile:
  3. i had this problem last year.

    ysl gave me a new lock, which i also had issues with, so finally i just took matters into my own hands and i super glued (yes, super glued) the lock shut. i wasn't using it for its functioning purposes anyway, so i figured what's the point?