Problem with MJ's SF Store - Need Advice!!!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I purchased a bag In March through the mail from the MJ's Boutique in San Francisco. It was a Hudson Bag. I know there is a recent frenzy over the bag, but I decided it was just not for me. The bag they sent me was a $1275.00 Chestnut bag with only one compartment of leather. I was sent no MJ hangtag, care card, or receipt. I also did not receive a gift box or gift bag (no biggie, but it would have been nice). I called them and they told me the SA (Zach) forgot to send the hangtag, etc.. Two weeks after receiving the bag, they sent the paperwork. I decided to return the bag the same month and sent a letter stating the credit the account. I had read where one of the pfer's did receive a credit on her account as she did not live near a store. I also told them about the delay due to paperwork, etc... I told them I did not live near any MJ stores. I sent the bag Fed-Ex. To this date, I have received no credit on the card, no calls, no letter with credit stated and just no response in general. I am really scared I owe $1295.00 for nothing!! I am calling the store today to try to get some help from someone. Any advice?? Thank you very much in advance!!
  2. Sorry to hear this trouble. I would definitely call them and check what's going on. I hope you made copies of the docs you sent out. Also make sure you have the Fedex shipping info. MJ SF's customer service is :tdown: Try talking to Tiffany (SA at MJ SF). I found her to be the most helpful! Good luck and please keep us posted.
  3. seriously, i hear very little good things about mj sf. it's a shame since i've gotten nothing but exceptional service at mj nyc and even mj bal harbour.

    do you, by any chance, still have the tracking info for the bag you sent back to them? you might need that if they claim that they never received your return. being that they're so disorganized, i wouldn't put it past them to have misplaced it.

    now, i've heard that the manager isn't that all that great either, but you might need to talk to him and get everything straightened out. worse comes to worst, and they're absolutely not being cooperative in crediting you, you can always file a chargeback with your cc company. i'm sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble with them. ordering through mj sf seems to be a nightmare and/or less than an ideal experience. good luck!
  4. Thank you for your advice! I did keep the Fed-Ex tracking and found on line where a SA had signed for the package. I called today and a person who answered stated she was an asst. manager and said Zach would have to call me as he had handled the transaction. She stated they only give store credits and within a 7 day period. Apparently, their intent was to do nothing about the bag. I never even got notice of a store credit. I am sick I ever purchased from them. She took my phone number and said someone would call tomorrow. I will wait and see what happens.
  5. Sorry you are going through this. I wouldn't wait, I'd call them all day long to find out about my credit or money. Did you use an Amex? Would they hold the transaction with a dispute?
  6. I can't believe they are making you wait for the person who helped you. Shouldn't the asst. manager or manager be able to help you on the spot? So sorry for this trouble! I hate bad customer service, especially with the amount of money you spent!
  7. yeah, i think it's time to file a chargeback unless there is something else that you might want, but even then i wouldn't want to order it from them. at this point you deserve a refund with the terrible service, lack of tags/receipts (what's with mj sf and not including original tags?!), and not sending you a boutique exclusive hudson. :cursing: i really hope everything works out. i would keep bugging them until it does.
  8. I'm so sorry. I have found them pretty difficult too, but it depends on who you get. There are a couple of SAs in there (including Zach, for me!) who are very nice and helpful, at least when I have been there in person, but unfortunately there are a bunch who are also really not very good. For this reason I almost never buy anything from the boutiques and always shop at Saks and Barneys instead.

    If I were you I would call back and ask to speak to the manager and inform them that if you can't get the credit, you will be filing a chargeback and writing a complaint (or something similar) to MJ in New York. I think if you do something like that, that might bring what they are doing to the attention of their higher ups, you might get a lot more help in a hurry.

    Sorry for your troubles and good luck!
  9. This was exactly what I was thinking! Usually particular situations like this would need to be handled by a manager. Well, hello...that was the manager who answered the phone. She should have been able to resolve this for you!:cursing: I'm so sorry windy. :sad::sad: Keep us posted on what happens.
  10. Thanks everyone! I feel better just knowing you understand how I feel. I worked in retail for years and I do find their handling of service very poor. I KNOW asst. managers can handle things when the manager is out. She acted as if it was not even possible. I will let you know what I find out tomorrow. Again, thanks for the support.:flowers:
  11. I'm sorry you have to deal with this windy! I've had nice service from one or two SAs at MJ but in general, I hear more bad things about their CS than good. I can't believe they never even NOTIFIED you when they got the bag if they weren't going to do a credit or refund. They were just going to keep the bag you paid for?!
  12. I'm so sorry this happened! I have not heard the best things about MJ SF as well. It would be nice if the asst mgr could help you, but perhaps it's best to wait for Zach to finalize the transaction. He seems like a nice guy, from the comment above. Hopefully he'll be able to help you out.
  13. I wonder if Zach even knows about the situation. Maybe the bag is just sitting around somewhere and no one even told him about it. Unfortunately, that is just the sort of thing that would happen at that store. :wondering Maybe if you don't hear from anyone tomorrow, you should try calling back and ask to speak to Zach directly to get him on the case for you?
  14. Hmm, that's really disturbing. I've had pretty good service the few times I've been to the boutique. The one time I called to order a bag, it was wrapped beautifully and everything (mj box, dustbag, card, etc) was included. Let us know, good luck!
  15. In situations like this you have to be very aggressive with the manager. How do they expect you to return something within the 7 day limit if they didnt provide you with the proper paperwork. Has it been more than 30 days since you returned the bag? If so I would contact the credit card department and and have them credit your funds back to your card.